Colic and sleepless nights :)

Colic and sleepless nights :)

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Colic and sleepless nights :)

May 1, 2012 in Uncategorized

Hello, 5 days later it will be our 1 st month :) so a few days ago colic started. Its quite strange - to see how its painful for the baby and you can not do nothing. we have here some medicine but i think it didnot work. This night Ivan was sleeping for 3-4 hours... So did i. AS all you know, it takes time to make a formula, to get milk from the breast, to make weight operations etc... i wonder when i will wash my hair :):) In Russia there no community or organization of PKU people, so tere a lack of info in Russian language, do thankd God i know a little English!!! I wilsh i can organize such community or non profit organization.

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    I write just to say Hi!
    If only I could take you to the future, how it will be after 2-3 years with your wonderfull baby!
    My little one is 2,5 and she is continously happy, joyfull , a little chatterbox! She is bright and so will be your little one, you’ll see. I still remember how difficult these first months are ( I think every PKU parent does).
    But please, remember that your little one is a normal, healthy baby, just he will have a different diet. I won’t lie, it takes the double effort to cook, count, try to replace everyday things. But your baby will pay you back. I wouldn’t change Faye’s genes for the world.
    Try to live every day. Soon he will start to smile and you’ll see.
    I found this site very useful and got a lot of support. There are also other sites for recipes, information, but you are too young now. So, let me know if I can help and try to relax a little.

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    Elena said on May 6, 2012

    Oh my dear! Thank You somuch for this words. Im sure that You ve done a long way with Your princess. You are righth – as far as the future is uncertain, im nervous and waiting it with the fear:) but every snswer on this web resource inspire me… oh thank You for the possibility asking the questions!
    Warm wishes

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