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College update

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February 5, 2014 in Uncategorized

It has been an entire semester of college for me at Eastern Illinois University and so far everything couldn't be any better. I started out the first few days getting to know some people, exploring the area, participating in clubs, and just overall settling in. I still make and drink my Phenex myself every day and I have a certain meal plan set up by the dining hall director at my school. They prepare my meal at the dining hall and I get it served to me along with some of the extra sides around the hall. It has been working for me and the classes were definitely easy going as I was well aware that this first semester would be focused more on the experience than my classes (though I still made sure I kept up with them). I made plenty of friends throughout my time and joined about 8 clubs. I write for the school paper and The Agency (it's kind of like a PR group, mainly we prepare a newsletter). I wrote about 10 articles last semester and I work as an associate editor this semester for the newsletter. I knew going in that this would also be a test to my parents to see if I could live on my own and I believe we both understand that I can now. I started working out last semester a few times a week but as it got colder and the work load added up I stopped doing that. I experienced quite a bit with my clubs and silly eventful nights with friends while still maintaining my diet. I got involved as much as I could and it actually made me more responsible which aided my grades. I ended last semester with a 3.13 GPA and worked at Jewel over break. Now I'm back and the classes require a lot of reading out of me. If you didn't know already my PKU was not followed the first three years of my life which caused me some damage to my brain. As a result of this I have struggled with reading comprehension but I've improved over the years and it's not as difficult as it used to be. I study for about 3-4 hours a day (I have 5 classes that require extensive reading and practice). I'm looking into job shadowing a professional journalist, author, or filmmaker next year through this club I got involved in and I'm incredibly excited for it. If I got what I desire most it would be to job shadow a writer for the New York Times or something like that. I still feel like I need more practice with my school paper and knowledge within my major before I can be sure of what I want. But overall this college experience has gotten off to a successful start. I see my future is looking brighter every new day. My PKU has not stopped me at all and I can tell it never will.
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