Coming off & Going back on diet

Coming off & Going back on diet

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Coming off & Going back on diet

September 29, 2009 in Uncategorized

Okay so first off, let me say that I just joined and I'm not that familiar with how to work things on the site, so bear with me. Thanks. Now, I was just wondering if my twin sister and I are/were the only ones to be taken off diet at the age of 6? Is there anyone else who was taken off or took themselves off diet when they were younger and is it much harder to get back onto the strict diet? If not, how did you manage to get back on diet? I've been trying for years to get myself back onto a strict diet, but it's not that easy!! Oh and by the way, I have Classical PKU (meaning for life and I'm supposed to be on it, PERIOD).

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    Cornwall, New York

    There are many people like you in the position. Hang in there – I am sure you will have people responding with advice to your blog! Start with making small and realistic goals for yourself. If you try to change your diet drastically right away, it will prob be too difficult. Work small and as you reach your goals, push yourself further! Good luck :)

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    , Oklahoma

    Hello, I am very new to this , but I wanted to let you know I too was removed from the diet when young.I found out how bad not being on the diet is while at a friends house. I had never received any info on PKU until I got online 2 years ago. When I realized I needed to get back on the diet I called the local childrens hospital and told them my story. Thank God they helped me and I got on Kuvan.

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    Woodbridge, New Jersey

    I was diagnosed when i was 6. I was taken off the diet at 10. I went on when i was in my early 30s. i was taken off after 3 months because they said i lost too much weight. I am now 51.

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    , Arkansas

    Hey there..i was taken off at 7. Doctors told me it was okay to go off at 7..then i learned that if you have pku its a diet for life..i was like WHAT and like you it has been almost nearly impossible especially since i have had all the good stuff now…but i am hoping ot get back on it..i really need just not the same when im off of it. I am mujchbetter person when on it…somepeople dont get it but im sure all us pku peeps get that comment. Well, i wish you the best of luck with it and if you need any ideas or recipes i have

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