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January 2, 2010 in Uncategorized

So yesterday was kind of a hard day for me I made it through but was not easy! Yesterday I got up like always and made my formula but was not able to finish it before I set out for the day. No problem I would finish it when I got home but the problem was we did not get home until 10pm last night. The thing that was really hard was we went to our friends house for dinner and cooked hamburgers. Of course I did not have one but my cravings were really bad I wanted to eat one so bad I did not think I would be able to control it. I think the only reason I was able to hold my self back was the fact that my boyfriend was there and I didnt want to let him or my self down by cheating. Do any of you get cravings bad when you are not able to take your fromula? I never noticed it before but after yesterday its clear that I have to keep on my formula or I do not think I would be able to control those cravings. During the week when I am at work I bring my formula with my and drink it all day I go out with co-wokers and have no cravings for food I cant have. So I just wanted to see if any of you have ever had this happen and if you guys had any tips I could use!?!? Thanks alt

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    Cornwall, New York

    Hi Steph…. Have you ever considered trying the Camino Pro drinks? They are formula that is already mixed. They are about the size of a juice box. Anyway, the reason is because I found it difficult to drink formula anytime away from home… not only did I not want to bring it and drink it in front of people, but it was a pain to have to mix it as well… When I finished college and started teaching, I realized that mixing formula was not the best for me. I have to take formula 3 times a day and it is best to spread it apart. Since I usually leave the house by 8 and do not get home til 5 sometimes 7, I realized that the formula must be drank outside of my house. Sooooooo…. my thinking is possibly trying that and seeing if that option of having something easily transportable is better for you and your diet? let me know what you think or if you have questions :)

    I am proud of you too that you passed the craving of the hamburger.. often times, I will get home and want to eat junk food and I tell myself that the formula option is much better for me! And yes… that does stop the craving.

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    Franklin, Wisconsin

    Hey Steph, in a way what you are saying definitely makes sense. Some formulas are pretty high up there in calories, and for me at least my formula fills me up very quickly. It could simply be a situation where when you have your formula you are not hungry, so you don’t even consider eating. Whereas when you do no drink your formula you might be hungry, and of course when anyone is hungry they want to eat ;). Formula definitely helps.

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    I definitely agree with Katie- I recently switched to Camino Pro and it was like a miracle in terms of convenience. Just grab and go, drink it in the car, at the restaurant… I have had people saying “what an interesting juicebox…” but as soon as I tell them it is a medical formula they don’t bother me. I need four of them a day, so whenever I leave the house I make sure I have at least two with me. Actually, one day I had to go with my friend to the emergency room (she had a really serious infection). I ended up staying there for almost 8 hours and wasn’t able to find much to eat, but I had brought three Caminos with me so I barely felt hungry! Certainly if I hadn’t had my formula I would have fainted from not eating for 8 hours. I definitely think that a formula with convenience is best for my lifestyle as a college student. It might be something worth looking into for your lifestyle.

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    Franklin, Wisconsin

    I agree with Emily and Katie. Convenience definitely helps. There are two other very similar formulas to the Camino Pro that I know of. Vitaflo’s PKU Express Coolers are very similar to the Camino Pro in that they come pre-made in pouches. The Coolers come in four different flavors: purple, orange, red, and white. The purple is berry flavored, orange is a tropical flavor, white is unflavored, and I am not sure what red taste like. The other formula is the XPhe Maxamum drinks which come in berry and orange. These come in actual juice boxes. If you need more ideas on convenient formulas to try you can go to and search their store. They have formula that comes in the form of tablets, capsules, and bars (similar to candy bars).

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    Taylor, Michigan

    i think that everyone had cravings. But i found out a easy way to make a hambegar i know that i spelt that wrong but try a box of chicken flavor stuffing mix . Put 2 tsp of ketchup and mix it with the water and get a skillet and put some butter in the pain and you will fry it up as like you would do a berger it is good give it a try if you like it

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