Creating a Food Diary

Creating a Food Diary

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Creating a Food Diary

January 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

So I have finally decided to do something about my blood levels being up around 800 constantly. It isn't easy at all but I am working on things. So in case you haven't read my previous blogs my phe tolerance increased with adulthood, however once I hit adulthood the support from the metabolic team drops off so I have been kinda just going along with things, but I believe i need to do things better. I may not be getting much communication from my Metabolic Team (you can't entirely blame them, there is only one Metabolic team for the whole of NZ, and younger children do need the help much more as it's crucial for development) but there is no reason why I can try this myself and then share what I'm doing with them to see if they have any insights at my next meeting with them. So before I started I calculated the approximate average protien intake I was having per day and realised it was generally between 15 and 20 grams-ish. I am now attempting to stick to 12grams of protien for day, I did it for 3days and then took a bloodtest, hopefully that will arrive back after the weekend so I can see where I stand, I will do another bloodtest in another week and a half at 12grams of protien, as I am continuing that currently, then hopefully my bloods will be lower. I'm not sure how long I should continue at a that amount of protien before adjusting, but I'll give it a month and maybe try to remember to do one blood a week ratehr then one every second week so I get better results.

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    I surely am not the most qualified to comment, however, just a tip to your effort:
    Since phenylalanine is slowly accumulating to the body, I think you should increase more slowly the total amount.
    Last summer we tried to define the maximum tolerance of my daughter. So, we increased 50 mg her intake. 15 days later her level was 1,9. Yeah… However, next time it was at 4.5. We went 50 mg back. My doctor then explained to me the slow raise. So maybe you should give it more time.

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    Hey foufouka,
    thanks for your message, sorry I didn’t reply sooner. I did take onboard what you said as I checked this message out a few weeks ago.
    I have no idea exactly where my tolerance lies, and I have spent alot of the last two years not actually counting my intake, despite this when I took my bloods they were always under 1000, which is the amount my specialists are happy with. I decided to start at the higher end of the scale because I have been eating so much without consideration. At first it was very hard to keep to 12grams of protien, I was used to not even thinking about what I put in my mouth, so I have a feeling that starting off at 6grams of protien all over again would have been very difficult for me.
    Dropping back to 12 grams per day has helped regulate my levels, the last 4 levels have been: 24th Dec (no regulation of intake) 945, 12th Jan (regulating intake): 761, 24th Jan:744, 3rd Feb: 727.
    As you have said my body has held the phe, but it is slowly decreasing, I’m going to wait for it to settle like you said before decreasing my levels further.
    Thankyou for your advice, it was very helpful to me

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