Cure for PKU

Cure for PKU

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Cure for PKU

January 7, 2012 in Uncategorized

Has anyone heard about the new cure for PKU that could be out in about 10 years?? I read about it and they had tested it on mice the one with PKU was cured with 3 shots do you think it is possible and would you get it??

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    , Utah

    i read that too. But there going back to fixing it cause what they did is cut out some of the liver from the mice that had the pku in it gave the shot to it so the liver would grow back to normal with out the pku. But after a year the pku came back.. So maybe it will or it might take longer so they can perfect it :P

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    franklin square, New York

    yes i read it also, it is true or i think or they would not post it in the medical field and the pna news, i cant wait for that to be out in 10 yrs., but u know one thing if it cured the mouse with pku it should come out sooner what do u think i think so. 

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