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October 10, 2010 in Uncategorized

Okay when a child or teen has a boy friend or girl friend parents know this won't be any different. Parents of coarse wish this day never comes (i'm just kidding). But it will eventually come. My parents, when i got my first girl friend, i was 14 years old. I kind of was a little older so you or your child might date when they are a little younger (not that much though so don't worry). But when it does, depending on how old you or your child is, you can't keep them away from them (just like making friends). If they think they are ready and you think they are ready you should let them. Also don't ever use your child's PKU as an excuse to keep them away from dating. Any other reason like being too young, or school problems, or lack of focus is fine. But if you ever say they can't date because you have PKU or that i don't want you to date other girls or boys because i worry about your PKU that will send them a message that says they are being stopped from doing something normal which will make them think they are different, and they aren't different. Even if you're just worried about them dating too young never use that excuse because it will hurt them. That never happened to me, that is just some knowledge thought through. Wouldn't you feel ashamed if your parents said," You can't date because you have PKU." I know that is not how it would be said but that is what message they will get out of it. If you don't want them to date because they are too young just tell them that. Also if they ask that then you need to give them the talk about girls or boys. That's not just for PKU kids that's what all parents i think should make sure they have with their kids sometime in their kids life. Perferably when they are young and they want to start dating because if you have that talk with your kids you won't need to be worried about them dating. My parents talked to me when i was young and i understood it. So they always trusted me when i had a girl friend and i always had good girl friends and i treated all my female friends nicely and politely. So i am not afraid of bringing my female friends over to my house and going to her house cause their parents aren't afraid of me either. So having the boy or girl talk with your child won't make you feel more comfortable with your child dating but your child's girlfriend/boyfriend's parent comfortable too. I feel and act this way because my parents raised me very well and taught me very well.
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