Day 1 - again.

Day 1 – again.

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Day 1 – again.

July 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

Well I was doing great until about May ,.... And then I fell off the PKU wagon with a THUD. I am kinda back to square one... but I am getting back up. I had to stop my teacher training degree ( with only 20 days to go) because I got ill, I reckon my immune system was a joke because I was running on empty. At school until 5pm, working until 2am on lesson plans - up at 5am day in day out... my body gave up. I just forgot to take my lophlex - I never seemed to have the time, or remember to do it. I am now on antidepressants and sleeping pills. Have lost a tonne of weight which could be good I suppose. Going to get off the Cipralex and get my head right. Wish I could write a better blog for you guys but I feel like a bit of a robot on autopilot at the moment. Sorry xx Having a lophlex now -- yum, not. Will keep you updated. xx

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    Taylor, Michigan

    ik how ya feel i started back taking my formula again and i am trying kuvan now but now because i have kidney stones i have to wait for to weeks and i have been waiting for 4 years and i got my trial run today in the mail now i got to wait again it seems like we just wait and wait and wait lol you u would like to keep in contact my email is

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