Day 2

Day 2

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Day 2

September 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

Blog Day 2 -- Sooooo....This is day 2 of my blog, lol. Not much has happened, I had an interview today with a local law firm; I have been out of work for nearly a year now. I believe it went well, but I'm not a good gauge at these things. I spent the day with my mom helping her prepare her dinners for the rest of the week, she is a nurse and works overnights so having something to pop in the microwave help tremedously so she doesn't have to buy frozen junk food. More about me I guess. As I said I am 32 and married (next year will be year 10). I live in Kansas City, Kansas where I have been all my life. I have one older brother, he now lives in Wisconin, my Father & Stepmom now live in Florida, so I have family all over The States, heck, even outside The States, too. I am the only PKUer in my family, however, I do have a nephew that is autistic on my husband's side (he's a treasure). I was off diet for about 10 to 15 years & that has greatly effected me both mentally and physically. My husband is my rock & picks up ALOT of slack (that's for another blog). I returned to diet about a year and a half ago maybe a little more & with the help of Kuvan have been doing well. However, due to finicial strain recently I have not been able to keep up my diet pace. and I get discouraged. As I stated I post my job about a year ago & have not had much luck finding anything thus far. Especailly anything that will afford me time to do PKU advocate things as well. Losing my job was a mixed blessing I suppose, it gave me time to examine my goals in life and now, even with bumps and turns, I am heading the right way. I work with Chris Howell with his PKU Challenge finding "lost" PKU Adults and now he has appointed me a Co-Director of the National PKU Food Bank he has created to help get PKUers much needed medical supplies and lo-pro foods when they are in need. I returned to school the Semester I lost my job to obtain my Associates in Public Admin. & Politcal Science then off to a four year for my Bacholars. The end goal is to figure a way to use these to help PKUers around the world. That's all for now, I suppose. I promise these blogs with gget better and more helpful along the way sometime, lol. If you have questions you would like answered or a topic for me to discuss, please feel free to comment. “Burning desire to be or do something gives us staying power - a reason to get up every morning or to pick ourselves up and start in again after a disappointment” --Marsha Sinetar
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