Day 3

Day 3

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Day 3

January 14, 2010 in Uncategorized

So far so good....10 grams of protein and all formula........Yesterday, temptation did present itself though......stayed strong and kept truckin' ......Day 3 is history, but the weekend is coming up, my most challenging part of the week. We usually eat out on Fri or Sat night......any suggestions for low pro eating out.......WoW, I haven't worried about that for some time......

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    That can be difficult. But well done for how you’re going so far! I usually try and find out what sort of a restaurant it is. If it’s Asian, I cook some low protein rice and bring it along with me and just have it with a vegetable dish. If it’s Italian, I cook some low protein pasta, bring it along and get the chef to use it with a vegetable dish and request no cheese. They’re usually pretty good about it here, particularly if you call in advance. If it’s spur of the moment, I usually end up ordering a salad or vegetable dish that doesn’t have cheese, tofu etc in it. Most places usually have SOMETHING even if it’s a little side dish.

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    When I go out to eat I usually don’t bother bringing anything along. Instead I order something simple such as fries or a salad. Make sure you are specific about no bacon, cheese, etc on your salad. If an order of fries will be too much protein for you, then you can ask for a box and take it home to eat later. Most places also usually have fruit or veggie dishes that you can get. It’s all about exploring the menu and seeing what you can get! Even if there isn’t enough to make a full meal you can always fill up on something lower in phe before or after the restaurant. Have fun!

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    I do pretty much the same as bannie :-) another thing I find is some restaurants have portabella ‘ burgers’ or veggie sandwiches so I bring bread. I have been pleasantly surprised with some great meals and very accomodating places both at small and large national chain restaurants. I know this is a little delayed, so how did it end up going ?

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