Day 6

Day 6

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Day 6

January 16, 2010 in Uncategorized

Well, Today is day 6 and so far, so good, only 3 g Protein, but dinner has yet to come. We are working on finishing the basement today, (plastering add sanding) so I know dinner is going to be out on the town.....We shall see what the evening brings...Let's hope the will power holds out.....

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  1. Registered: Feb 26, 2007

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    Chicago, Illinois

    How do you feel?

  2. Registered: Dec 7, 2009

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    Chambersburg, Pennsylvania

    Actually feeling pretty good…I noticed I had a lot of energy, (more than usual) yesterday at work..I actually left early. Today it was nonstop with the Home Improvment project…overall, feeling pretty good….can’t wait to see how I’m feeling at the end of next week!

  3. Registered: Dec 7, 2009

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    Chambersburg, Pennsylvania

    I did well, Went with the ever so safe salad bar at Ruby Tuesdays…..over all for the day, I ended up at 10 grams of protein…..and all formula…..Forgot tomorrow is a holiday for me though….Yet one more day to battle the diet at home…..It’s so much easier at work…

  4. Registered: Nov 3, 2009

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    , Massachusetts

    Good glad to hear your energy is up and you have been able to stick with it. Routine is always easier for me too and sometimes it gets tough to constantly plan ahead for things outside of that routine but try to set up safety nets like extra food at friends and family’s houses and knowing accomodating restaurants and what You can eat there. I also try to keep a box of pasta and some formula in my car in case something pops up and I can’t get home… That way you can have peace of mind that something is available if you need it :-)

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