depression and pku

depression and pku

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depression and pku

December 28, 2010 in Uncategorized

hello , i am billyjoe gray "but you already know that "<alberto delrio wrestler> i was wondering about depression and how to dealwith it and pku at the same time , to keep me form going crazy ?

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    Basically stick to your PKU diet and drink your formula, look after urself more and hopefully when ur levels are down you’ll begin to feel much more happier and healthier x

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    please note my new emial address change

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    Billyjoe, I also have had serious issues with depression and anxiety. I dont know how much you have been told by doctors, but high Phe levels are absolutley connected to depression anxiety and even worse. The awesome part of it is that when your Phe level goes down these issues will likely dissapear but at worst they will get significantly better. I currently take PheBloc and Kuvan and went through a 4 week episode of almost unbearable depression and severe anxiety. It was so bad that after seeing little change after 1 week I decieded to go on a restricted Phe diet again and found that things only got worse. I know this sounds odd but this was due to the fact PheBloc is designed to only give you 20 percent of your Protien intake and you are supposed to get the other 80 percent from normal food. So in effect mal-nurishment was makeing my situation even worse. As soon as I started eating normal food again I improved and was close to back to normal within about a week and a half.

    You didn’t say if you were taking of your self from a PKU stand point or not my guess is that you are not. So just start taking care of yourself and you will see a change and a big one at that.

    Hope this provides some comfort I have been exactly where you are before and know how much I needed comfort.

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