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Diet & Exercise

November 17, 2009 in Uncategorized

Hey guys... So I'm convinced that exercise is key to a PKU diet! Lately, my PHE levels have been higher than normal, and I have not been feeling well. I've been getting headaches the past few months and feeling very tired.... I thought at first it might be symptoms to Kuvan- but then realized I never had these symptoms in the 2 years I've been taking Kuvan!! It also did not make sense why my levels were so high when I did not change my PHE intake... I have been extremely consistent with the amount of PHE each day.... Because I was feeling so tired, I stopped exercising... A few months ago, I was running 4 miles a day and stopped it altogether...Last week, I forced myself to try and get back into the routine even if it were just walking 20 minutes a day... Needless to say, in one week my levels went from an 8.1 to 2.7!!! I am pretty much convinced that exercise can drastically help in lowering PHE levels!!! Has anyone else had a similar experience where exercise has helped in lowering levels? I am very curious

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  1. Registered: Sep 20, 2007

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    Woodbridge, New Jersey

    I read that being sick can raise phe levels.

  2. Registered: Apr 24, 2009

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    Cornwall, New York

    Yes, they def can be! I wasn’t feeling well though for a couple of months… thought it might be lyme – but tests have been coming back negative… thanks though :)

  3. Registered: Nov 4, 2009

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    , Texas

    Wow that is awesome who knew. Definitely keep it up, as it makes you feel good.

  4. Registered: Apr 24, 2009

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    Cornwall, New York

    Thank you :)

  5. Registered: Nov 3, 2009

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    , Massachusetts

    i haven’t myself, but i can say that when you STOP exercising, if you are also not getting ENOUGH protein (ie formulaaaaa!) your body needs the protein from somewhere so it can seek protein from your own muscles which have PHE in them and can raise your levels…. so in my own mind i make sure that if i ever try to diet or lose weight, i focus on the exercise and formula and THEN limiting the diet… because if i am losing weight but not BUILDING muscle, i will be LOSING muscle and my levels can go up!

    i haven’t read actual research or talked to anyone about definite answers to whether or not BUILDING muscle uses up PHE which in turn could make your levels go down when you start exercising, but it sounds pretty logical, haha… i have heard endurance type athletes do have and build a higher PHE tolerance, but i dont know about the moderate-high exerciser… if i find a better answer i will get back to you!

    haha sorry for the caps, dunno what got into me : )

  6. Registered: Apr 24, 2009

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    Cornwall, New York

    haha its ok.. thanks hun!

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