diet issues

diet issues

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diet issues

March 30, 2013 in Uncategorized

 hi i'm nadia, i new here..i have dhpr which is a form of pku, i've never met or spoken to anyone with either of the two. i'm on the low protein diet but it's really hard to stick to it, especially as i don't like cooking, i usually eat ready meals but they usaully contain alot of protein even the vegetarian options. my recomended protein level is 500 or less, but i usually find myself going above that, there are a few occasions when its almost double that. i really want to start sticking to my diet, but i don't know how, i'm starting to feel the effects of not eating the right meals, i get distracted very easily, my memory is becoming very bad, i forget things so easily and its affecting my education, i find at times i forget things taught in lectures just hours after the class. i know its time for me to change but it's just so difficult.

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    Taylor, Michigan

    I have cassic pku and I am 24 it has not been a easy thing to live with . I don’t always eat the things that you are supposed to eat . the pku food is expensive I can agree with that , At the age of 21 I was diagnosed with diabetes and that has made it very hard t deal with because most of everything you eat is carbs I know that it is hard because being pku with diabetes is not an easy thing . It is hard for me to take my formula because that raises my sugar , I do the best that I can so just stick with it and I hope the best for you

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    williamsville, New York

    Dear Nadia, I’m 51 years old and I live in Buffalo NY. I wasn’t diagnosed or put on the PKU diet until I was 6 y/o. I am very lucky I don’t have any major problems physically or mentally( taht is IQ wise. I am right where
    you are, wanting and trying to follow a low-pro diet (relaxed version), but having a very hard time. I mentally and physically feel the same way you do. I know the consequences are very devestating.I suggest to look into medical insurance coverage for your LO protein food. If you call or e-mail some companies might even send you some samples of their food. check national PKU website for food companies or ask your nutritionist. If you don’t have a nutritionist get one. There is a heading that gives information on linics where you could get connected with a doctor etc.Please write to me and maybe we could be PKU pals?

    Sincerely. disco1queen

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