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March 15, 2014 in Uncategorized

So today I go back to my regular Dr. to try again to get a reffural to my Spec. Last time they wanted to do some blood work before I sent me to the Spec. Basically they don’t want to send me because they think I do not need to go. But today I am going to tell them I have to go I am almost out of formula and I want to try a new kind. I hate going to the regular Dr they sometimes don’t get it ….I know I have not gone to the spec in like 5 years but I need to go now to get back on track. Urgh so wish me luck hopefully they get me that referral today I really want to try some new formula alt

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    Chicago, Illinois

    Wow…good luck. How does it work in your area? I go to the PKU clinic once or twice a year. That’s really the only time I ever go to the doctor. Do you go to a regular care physician and have to get referred to a PKU clinic?

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    Franklin, Wisconsin

    Hey Steph hopefully you will get that referral. Don’t take no for an answer! Do you usually have to get a referral from your regular physician to see your specialist? Whenever I need to make an appointment to see my PKU specialist and dietitian (which is usually every six months) I just call the clinic directly. In fact I think the last time I went to my regular physician was when I last needed immunizations LOL! My PKU specialist does pretty much everything my regular physician would do, so it feels pointless to go to the doctor more than I need to.

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