Eh...What's up Doc?

Eh…What's up Doc?

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Eh…What's up Doc?

October 20, 2010 in Uncategorized

Well today we decided to give him something better than his organic gerbers. We decided to boil some carrots and then mush them up so it can be soft for him to eat. Since he already has 3 teeth and 1 coming down. He needs to start eating or getting used to solid foods. Anyway, as we were feeding him he was confused about his food. It's funny the face's he did, but I believe he likes smashed carrots. I hope he keeps liking more solids so that we can start having a feast. But ofcourse all within his diet. Are there any other types of baby dishes (9 months) that I can try to make? Thanks!

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    Try to boil some squash with the carrots and put some celery(2-3 leaves) in it. If you can , (calculate the phenylalanine) you can give boiled potato and some dry onion (very little). Don’t you give him fruits? Blended apple or pear or peach. In Greece we don’t have Gerber foods, so I do this since mine was 6 months old.

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