Embarrased by PKU

Embarrased by PKU

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Embarrased by PKU

November 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

i know it sounds really strange, but sometimes i get embarrased about talking about what foods i can and cant have, for example when i go over to a friends house for tea and i tell them about PKU which is very hard to explain, so they just ask me if i can eat and i say yes or no, but i seem to say no a lot and it always makes me think that im fussy and that i annoy people. And also when i go to a restraunt, theres absolutly sometimes nothing i can eat but chips and salad which is what i always get from a restraunt, i mean ok yes i am bit fussy, there are some vegetables i dont like, but im starting to get used to them. And its especially embarrasing when im on a date and i get the same things too, i try to get other foods but sometimes i dont feel like trying something new. I try not to let it embarrase me but i cant help it.

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    I went threw the same things!!! I hated always getting salads when i would go out to eat. Also trying to explain to friends what I can and cant eat was impossibal!!! I would spend 1 hour explaining my PKU and say simply I cant eat meat, dairy,or some grain… But they would always ask the stupidest questions like,” can you eat pizza?!” or
    “What about fish?” or my favorite… how do you live?!? I went threw out school with the same friends never Remembering what i can eat… They would always bring me high protien foods. It took my closest friend 6 years to finaly get it!!.

    And going on dates that sucked for a while 3 guys said you will eat normal in public. I never did… I ordered the most expencive meal and walked home after it was served to me :)
    I learned to not be embarassed with it… I made jokes and had fun with my pku. People would ask what part of the body doesnt break down the protien… I told every person that my “Protien Glan” was in the wrong part of my body. Yes people belived it and i even got one to do a report on it… :) that was funny!!!
    Seriously though try having fun with it. It makes it easer to except it and it makes you more confedent :)

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    I love the part when you order the expensive food and then go home !!!
    Good girl, I hope my daughter does the same too if she meets someone so stupid!
    I cannot give much of an advice my self 3flicka3, but It always seemed to me That eating just a salad on a date was always atractive…..

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    Hahaha these comment made me laugh, Thank you both, i guess you are both right. My friends are like that too, i try to explain it and they ask me stupid questions like “can you eat fish or pizza?” its funny. I love talking to people who understand me, and who are going through the same thing. You are right pkugurl99 i should make a joke out of it and have a laugh, im in this forever so i might aswell make something out of it. And i guess i do need to start being more confident with myself. So thank you, i will try have fun with my pku :)

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