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February 22, 2010 in Uncategorized

Just wanted to vent and see if anyone else suffers from this problem.... And please let me know if you have any solutions Ok, so I know we pry aren't supposed to eat normal pizza, but once in a while, I do. I order a pizza with mushrooms, jalapenos, no meat or cheese, and extra sauce (pizza gets very dry without if when baked). EVERYTIME I get charged extra for ordering extra sauce... REALLY??? I'm not getting meat OR cheese, but you're going to charge me extra for sauce? Same thing at Taco Bell... "I'd like a taco with no meat or cheese, but lettuce, tomato, guac, and spicey sauce." The response: "Ok, so we'll charge you for the whole taco plus 75 cents for the guac and 75 cents for the sauce." Ok, thanx!!!! 1/2 the taco, double the price!!!! Sometimes I just deal with the charge, sometimes I try to explain the circumstances. Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose. Does anyone else deal with this problem? What do you do about it? Maybe I should keep a doctor's note in my purse at all times? I'm kind of sick of paying extra for eating less.

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    Chicago, Illinois

    Go to Chipotle instead of Taco Bell =). Seriously, that’s one of my favorite places because they load up your tacos w/rice, lettuce, fancy salsa, guacamole. Ok, so that’s probably not super low in protein. I’ve never had the issue of being charged extra, although I don’t normally try to ask for special orders at fast food places. I’ve definitely had my share of waiters making faces when I’ve asked for a vegan version of something off their menu. The worst situation was when I went to a French restaurant and explained to the server I was vegan. I asked him what my options were and he offered me a risotto. Since I had never had it & already told him I didn’t eat any meat or dairy, I assumed it would be ok. When I looked it up after I had a HORRIBLE headache the next day I learned it was full of parmesan cheese. Have you tried talking to a manager when you’ve been charged extra for less food?

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    Phelan, California

    OMG I know what you mean I hate that too!!! I have that same problem all the time at Del Taco they charge me extra for tomatoes ok wait I am not getting meat or cheese and you want to charge me for that LAME!!! Oh and places that pre make their salads with cheese i remember when I was younger my mom fighting Wendys about it they said they could not make a fresh salad when they had a salad bar….my mom had to fight them for so long they finally did it but its such a fight sometimes. @ Lorasr yes I LOVE chipotle that is where I go if I eat out at lunch. They never charge extra and their food is great and filling (which is nice to be full once in a while) I remember one time a fast food place gave me a diet soda in stead of reg. wow with in ten mins of drinking it I was so sick it was bad! Well I know its hard to deal with but keep up the good work!! :)

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    Palmerston North, INTERNATIONAL

    Yep I know how you feel, though my problem is more with McDonalds and their salads. My bf loooves going to McDonalds for the frozen cokes and The Grand Angus Burger soo sometimes I go along too.
    In NZ theres only two choices in Salads, A chicken one (chicken in salad, great idea) or a garden salad, which has cheese mixed through it, and even though you ask they won’t make a garden salad without the cheese as it’s all pre-made (or was at one point) and I have to pick through the salad to get all the cheese out. Also, they seem to think that because it’s a salad, they don’t have to put much in there because people will order other stuff too, which I can’t cos there isn’t anything else, it’s either that or no other person who’s vegetarian has my appetite. So in the end I go home and make myself something else because I’m still hungry after a tiny little salad.
    I tend not to eat out too often as many places don’t cater for low-protien, but I found a few places where I can get stuff so it’s not all bad :)
    Oh and theres a pizza company here in NZ called Hell’s Pizza and when you order a vege pizza without cheese they automatically add extra ingredients and they don’t charge for it! I was very impressed, shame it’s one of the more expensive pizza places.

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    , Massachusetts

    Wow that is frustrating… sometimes if I bring pasta, rice or bread to a restaurant and have them sub it in they charge the original price… but I have never tried this at a big chain. That is definitely frustrating… keep explaining your point and hopefully you will find what works better than others on the cashiers and you can use that battle phrase at the next place… it is frustrating going out to eat for sure… hopefully with the rise of gluten free, allergies, and diabetes, etc restaurants will get more and more focused on being flexible with their customers because it seems to me fewer and fewer people have NO issues with food these days…

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