finaly a baby update!!!

finaly a baby update!!!

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finaly a baby update!!!

April 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

The last blog I wrote it was about me moving out. So far it just seams like a long vacation... My boyfriend takes very good care of me and is getting me any cravings I want even if its 3 am. We might soon be going to California to tell his dad in person. He has been over sea's and has no idea about this child... Well When i went to see the baby I went with my mom and Ray. I didnt expect much just a pic of a bean just bigger lol Well i got much more then that! When They put the wond on my belly It jumped! I freaked out thinking holly hell we gave it a heart attack! the ultrasound tech laughed and said no its just jumping around. For 5 mins we just watched it jump and move its arms! I laughed cause all I could think of is wow... 10 weeks, and its already like his dad! Just a huge spaz playing in my belly. We moved into another room and doctors just talked. Then my main one asked me if I wanted to hear the heart beat. I got all wide eyed and said omg! YES!!! It took 6 Mins and All i was thinking was Come on baby let me here your little heart stop moving!!! then I heard it... The most amazing sound in the world! The heart beat is at 165 bpm! very good ! In two weeks ill find out if there is anything wrong with this little spaz and after that I will find out if im haveing a RAymond or an Aleaha!

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    Fort Wayne, Indiana

    165 right? thats good i bet its a boy!!!!!!

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    Congratulations!! I haven’t been on here for a while so wasn’t aware you were pregnant. That’s fantastic news! I hope it all goes well for you :) Sounds like a cute baby :)

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    belfast, INTERNATIONAL

    gale said on May 4, 2011

    hope all goes very well. i would have loved children . good luck

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