FInaly happy

FInaly happy

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FInaly happy

June 12, 2012 in Uncategorized

I left off being at my parents house. Trying to get 110% on my diet. And to this day Im still on my diet. I get cravings and might have a little bit of higher foods like noodles or bread but better then meat and dairy right??? Well the girl i was talking about that we took in She is long gone. Ray came and got me and he told me how he was really depressed and drank when i was gone. And this girl who was my "friend" Tried to do stuff with him. She talked about how pretty his eyes were and how she wanted him. Ray tells me that When she came on to him he locked himself in our room and kept her out till she was gone. Of course i was PISSED! And i couldnt belive a girl who i took care of and called my friend would do this to me. Layter i found out she wanted to come home with us and i told her no there is no way she will step foot in our aparment. When we got home to Vernal Most of her stuff was here. I packed all of it and set it outside. and told her to come and get her stuff. She didnt understand why i was acting like this. But i didnt care. With her gone Rays and mine relationship has been perfect!! We dont fight but we do argue like any couple does. I drink my milk everyother day so i can work to drinking it everyday with no problem. And with it being SUMMER! I have been eating friuts and veggies with no problem. We just passed our 1 year anv of loosing our little girl. I really dont have any depression any more. just sad days. I talk to him about it and i fell better after. Now were talking about trying for another baby next year... IF eveything is good with his work. :D

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    Good luck on everything!

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    I hope things continue to go well for you..i’m 22, don’t know much about you but i came across your blog and I couldnt help but feel for you. I am SHOCKED that you only drink your formula every other day. I could never imagine doing that..i have seen a lot of others though that have been off their diet as well. I sure hope you will be able to get yourself on track very soon! I am thankful that I have never been off mine..and I too, am trying to have a healthy child as well. Wish the best to you and god bless your little girl.


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