Finding Peace

Finding Peace

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Finding Peace

April 15, 2011 in Uncategorized

It was my 4th grade year. My parents started off every year of my elementary school career with meeting with the principal and my teacher to explain to them what PKU is and how it affects me. The beginning of the year was fine, but soon things started getting worse and worse. Kids in my class would ask me why I had a different lunch that they did. I got made fun of for not being able to eat "normal" food. It hit me hard. So hard that I didn't want to go to school. I would play sick so I didn't have to go to school and if that didn't work I would go to the nurse sometime during the day because I felt sick. I remember even one day my parents came to have lunch with me and when it was time for them to leave, I cried histerically because I didn't feel good and wanted to go home with them. My parents had had enough and decided to have a meeting with the teachers. The teachers immediately addressed all of the fourth graders telling them that it doesn't matter what everyone else is eating. From that day on things got a lot better. As I grew up I came to realize that I have PKU for a reason. Whether you're a believer or not in God, I believe that he gave all of us PKU because he has a special plan for us someday in heaven. Today, I'm in high school. All of my friends understand my PKU so well and love to hear my story. It doesn't bother me too much to share my story and what PKU is to others who don't know I have it. It makes me feel special, and my friends think that it's pretty awesome actually. They wish they were all as healthy as I was. So the point of this is to tell parents that things will be ok! Just believe that things will get better because they do! I've found peace through all of this and you will too! :)

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    Macomb, Michigan

    =) the same thing happened to me. It was so hard in school for me also… God’s plan is for everyone whether or not they want to believe in it. I like this post. For some reason I came to a sudden realization that I want to help anyone and everyone with PKU and show them that they are JUST AS GOOD AS ANYONE ELSE IF NOT BETTER! We are more determined than anyone else I feel.

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    Cornwall, New York

    I just teared reading your blog. I am glad you were able to overcome the bullying kids did to you and realize that PKU is okay and makes you who you are. I have never let PKU put me down and make me feel different. We are all different in our own special ways and that is what makes us who we are and an individual. I am glad you do have much more support from your classmates. A strong support system is very strong to maintain diet. Thanks for sharing :)


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    I can relate to your blog the kids and teachers at school always made fun of me it was such a different time at the end of the 1960’s when I was in primary school. Now I feel so sorry for the regular people as they live boring lives to me as through having pku I have created so many wonderful opportunities such as travelling to conferences in Australia but also overseas in the U.S where I have met some wonderful people. I am so lucky that I worked the Vodafone World of Difference program where through my applications about my life with PKU I was lucky enough to be awarded this as I was one out of 800 applications australia wide who applied to this program there were only 5 of us chosen. Since this program was for a year only and during this time my father passed away I need to work my way to work I am passionate about. At the moment I have a job which I am not keen on but it does have some benefits but it will do for now.
    I am happy to chat anytime just remember you are not alone which is easy to say but now and again like many other people I do feel alone when my diet isn’t handled properly.

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    Fort Wayne, Indiana

    i can soo relate to ur story my blog is similar to urs u might wanna read it im 32 now and know hw people can be but ur right god did make us special, i truely believe in that

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    Fullerton, California

    Honestly Emily, I was brought to tears by reading this because I have very similar stories. And elementry school was probably the hardest for me. I remember when I was in Jr high that I told someone that I couldn’t drink milk because I would become mentally retarded if I did (I really didn’t know much at that age about PKU) And her response was to laugh and tell everyone around me what I had just shared with her and make lite of it all. It at times can be no fun. But I see now that I have much more compassion for people with disabilities or other conditions. I even have a lot of compassion on people that seem really far out there becuase I understand how our lives shape who we become. I’m not sure I would trade the compassion and understanding that I have because of my experiences for anything.

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