finger foods for babys

finger foods for babys

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finger foods for babys

November 26, 2010 in Uncategorized

i was wondering if anyone had any good ideas for finger foods for a 10mth old, also with the PHE cause he is only allowed 285 a day thanks tiffany!!

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    Lake Lure, North Carolina

    When my son was that age he enjoyed the gerber puffs in the baby food aisle. He could not eat a full serving size at that age, thus the amount of phe was rather low. Also, if you’re not avoiding gmo ingredients the Chesters Puffs in the snack aisle are a good low phe choice. There are lot of breakfast cereals that are low in phe that can be enjoyed by children. Mai Fun Rice sticks (cooked a little extra long) were a fun high chair food for him. If I’m doing my math right you son can have 19 exchanges. How much of that is allotted for formula/breastmilk. It’s much easier to calculate what is left that way. (that was my experience anyway) Another fun food to consider is McCains Frozen potatoe Smilies from the frozen foods aisle. Cook it, cool it and hand it to him. He’ll love it.
    There’s actually lots of options and you’ll discover them all in good time:)
    Good luck.

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    Low protein pancakes, waffles, french toast, banana bread cut into bite sized pieces. Aproten ditalini pasta, grilled cheese, veggie nuggets, low protein pizza, diced fruits and veggies were some of Molly’s favorites. Recipes are on

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    Lake Lure, North Carolina

    The trouble with a lot of the foods you mention @Cook4Love is that whether ready made or homemade it is often waaay too expensive to provide these things on a regular basis. Our family has about $35 per week on which to eat, that is for 3 people. I could spend that much on one bag of lo-pro flour or a pre-made loaf of bread. Sad but true.

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    plant city, Florida

    yes u are right it is expensive, we were having a harder time finding higher PHE finger foods when his phe was raised also…. plus the cook for love recipes are lenghty

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