First Blog and Recipe

First Blog and Recipe

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First Blog and Recipe

October 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

My name is Sarah and I have classic PKU. I just discovered this website and am so psyched to see that there's actually a way to talk and see how other teens/adults are dealing with their PKU. I'm from Seattle, Washington, so I go to clinic at the University of Washington. I love my clinic, but they are very restricting sometimes when it comes to trying new foods or just new things in general, so I've been trying to discover things on my own. I'd love to post and share my favorite vegan recipes and meals that I've discovered as I've been living in my apartment in college. My freshman year I lived in the dorms and it was SO hard. I barely ate and when I did I cheated ALL the time on my diet. It was horrible. So my parents and I collaborated so sophomore year I applied for a disability so that I could get priority housing. Although being disabled sounds really negative, I got priority registration!! (Aka I got to choose whatever class I want. Which, in college, is a HUGE deal) I lived in a tiny on-campus apartment my sophomore year, teaching myself how to grocery shop and cook on-the-go. I created many great dishes off the top of my head and they're super good meal choices for someone looking to keep their phe in check (like I was). I want to use my blog to share what I've learned, because when I was in high school I wish I had had something like this to see how other people are coping with PKU. Growing up with classic PKU is hard and I wish that I had had someone or somewhere I could turn to to give me advice about food choices both in school and out. So, hopefully whatever I post will help someone else! Today I made myself a quick, easy meal. It's one of my personal favs because it takes less than 30 mins to cook and it's not that high in phe. I used: 1 medium potato 1/3 of a yellow onion 1-2 tbs of canola oil 1 c of kale 1. I chopped up the potato into cubes (I like leaving the skin on, but it doesn't matter) and the onion into strips 2. I put the canola oil into a large pan and turned the heat up to medium-high. I let it sit for a while, but make sure to watch! 3. I also put a small pot of water on a burner on high with a little bit of salt to help speed the process (for the kale). 4. Put in the potato into the pan when the pan seems like it's hot. 5. Let the potatoes cook, stirring occasionally, and when they seem to be turning brown (on at least 1 side), add the onions. 6. When the pot of water begins to boil, slowly add the kale into the water. (I like to add a small amount at a time and then taking it out with a fork before it wrinkles too much, or else it looses it's nutrients) Let it sit on a plate or paper towel to absorb water. 7. The kale took up a lot of my attention, so by the time I was done, my potatoes and onions were done. 8. Serve and eat! I recommend sprinkling some garlic salt on the kale for some taste and even the potatoes too! (Although I didn't) I usually eat the potatoes with ketchup and Kraft ranch dressing mixed together. So this is what I had for dinner! It was super easy and tasty. The whole meal is under 200 phes and can be lower still if you subsitute things.
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