First half of Junior year

First half of Junior year

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First half of Junior year


December 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

Well its been over a year because i have had a lot happen in the past 12 months. I am now a junior in high school. This year is flying by and i will soon be in college on my own. I just want to say everything is still going perfectly in my life. I am back on the honor roll in school with a 3.4 GPA and looking into any colleges (any suggestions of good colleges with journalism majors around Illinois are appreciated btw). My blood levels have been descent and i have been finding other foods to eat. I still have many friends that are still with me to this day. Christmas is coming soon and so are my finals. I am achieving in everything i am doing and involved in. I have applied to many jobs but i haven't had much success. not many businesses want a 16 year old working for them but i'm still looking. I haven't been involved in any sports because i have been busy with clubs like speech team, student leadership council, and no name club (kind of like a drug and violent free club kind of like D.A.R.E). So i usually take it a day at a time and live it like my last. I have received my permit so i am driving and in June i'll have my driver's license. I am a pretty good driver and past driver's education. I am now a staff writer for my school newspaper and written a few articles already for it. Like if you didn't noticed i am going to major in journalism in college. I hope to become an editor next year but i like where i am at now writing articles. Its what i love doing. So this year has gotten off to a good start. Life is still golden and it will get harder but I'm still ready for whatever life has to throw at me.

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    Good to hear you are doing well.

    About your interest in journalism… What are you specifically interested in doing? I ask because my college degree is in Broadcast Journalism… Spent 7 years in TV News as a TV photojournalist. One piece of advice no matter what program you look for. You need to learn all aspects of journalism… Not just print… But multimedia, radio, and TV. With the web, everything is converging. The TV station I used to be at has adopted the Multimedia Journalist philosophy. The idea is to take the traditional reporter & photographer team and combine them into one person out in the field. So one person now reports, shoots, writes, and edits their own stories. And from what I understand even newspapers are adopting similar philosophies. Our local newspaper sometimes posts videos online. So whatever specialty you want to learn, just realize you’ll likely need to learn it all.

    And one other thing… The news lifestyle can be difficult for those with PKU, but it’s not impossible. So don’t worry about that. Just realize that you will need to do some preparation. If you work out in the field realize that you’ll always need to keep your formula, medicine, and any low protein foods handy. It’s always a good idea to keep a bag packed with clothes and toiletries in case you get called out at the last minute and have to stay somewhere overnight. Would be a good idea to keep spare formula and such in there as well. I say this from experience having NOT done that! Found myself covering a hurricane in South Louisiana once… Didn’t have any cash, no formula, no food… It was a long few days!

    Video was always my primary love and journalism was just my means to make videos. But I grew to love it over time. But send me a private message if you ever want to discuss journalism further.

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