First trip while back on diet......

First trip while back on diet……

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First trip while back on diet……

January 19, 2010 in Uncategorized

So this weekend I went on a trip with my boyfriend and friends to Laughlin Nevada. It was so much fun and I stayed on diet the whole trip. I took my formula man it was kind of a pain in the ass. I really want to try some new formula the premade kind already in boxes it seems so much more convenient. Also I don’t know why but all of us were back at the hotel room and I had not finished my formula so I was drinking it and I felt so self conscious about it. I am not sure why my boyfriend and friends are great so supportive they never said any thing like why are you drinking that. But for some reason as we were sitting there I just felt like everyone was staring at me (they weren’t) I think it’s because that is how I have always felt since I was little. I was kind of picked on because of my PKU not horrible but enough to make me feel this way so many years later. I always just wanted to be “normal” I didn’t let it get to me but I had to share that since I know some of you might have the same feelings.

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    Chicago, Illinois

    I felt self conscious too when I first started drinking formula in front of people. In college I always used to try to hide it. But once I started doing it I realized it’s not a big deal. The thing that I’ve found true is that no one will make a big deal out of anything about your diet unless you do. If you answer people’s questions comfortably, they usually don’t freak too much about stuff. I usually just tell people my formula is a protein shake. I think maybe I told you before, but I make my Maxamum even on the road. I will buy a water bottle & pour out of some of the water. I bring the can & a teaspoon & just dump it in til I have the right amount & shake it up. It’s a little tricky, but I have to drink my formula or I get really worn out after a few hours. I’ve done this in the car when someone else was driving!

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    Hi Steph. First of all, congrats on staying on top of diet on your trip. This past weekend I went to Dallas and realized I am not the only one to find the Camino Pro (pre-made formula) super convenient! Also, Cambrooke Foods will be coming out with something new called “Better Milk” which is a formula that is MUCh healthier for you. It should be out within a month so keep your eye on it. Start experimenting with formulas. Once I switched to Camino Pro drink mixes, I found myself taking it much more because of how easy it was. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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    A vacation of staying on diet….Haven’t had to tackle that one yet! Good Job by the way! I am not ready to take on that challenge just yet. I do know where you are coming from though. I was pretty self concious about drinking formula as a kid also. Untill one of the kids at my table decided it would be funny to slurp out of everybody’s thermos when they weren’ t looking. well, he got me one day, but in the end, I think it helped everyone else out….he never did it again….Wonder why….Guess he didn’t like lofinalac…

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    Oh man, I have struggled with the ‘normal’ thing for sure! I really loved being at places where people didn’t know about PKU because then I could just eat and not have questions all the time… but often I wouldn’t drink my formula because sometimes I ignored having PKU altogether… which obviously caused problems. I think sometimes still I wish I could just have ease like my family and friends do at meal time… but like they say to kids ‘everybody has something’ so I am sure other people struggle with their own ways of wanting to be normal, too is the way I look at it.

    Meanwhile… CaminoPro is my new formula and let me tell you it has made taking my formula SO much easier! I just grab it and drink it in less than 30 seconds and then get on with it. If I am out to eat I just whip it out, drink it down, and it’s over before most people notice! There are other ‘to-go’ formulas out there too, but I love CaminoPro… find a formula that is convenient AND you like and the hassle will be so much less!

    Great job though! You did it even though it was uncomfortable. And having supportive people makes such a difference. Some stuff is always going to be in your head about how things look and ‘should be’ in order to be normal, but if you make it mind over matter, and remember how much better you feel having drunk your formula, it’s completely controllable!

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