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Foggy Dayz

November 10, 2009 in Uncategorized

Today is another day i feel like my head is stuffed with cotton.. slight headache.. . Wife let me go back to bed after i woke up more tired then when i went to bed... I slept another 2 hrs and still my head is stuffed.. no wonder why i couldnt hold a job... I used to go to work like this... I ended up with 33 gms yesterday.. over again.. 7 Gms so far today... and im going to really stick to it today.. the problem is doing this for several days in a row... It takes about 7-10 days for the Phe to drain out of my brain.. and well.. having 33 gms a day doenst help.. I need to stay several days at around 25 of less.. Who else is struggling to keep control... ?

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    Wyoming, Michigan

    Yes, it is a constant struggle for me. I get so tired having everyday of my life always being about what I eat. I miss not being able to “not care”. Do you write down what you eat? I find that if I write it down then I do not go over. If I don’t, I know I would lose track during the day. Does your head feel stuffed everyday? or only when you go over? Did I read that you are on disability? Do you find that you eat the same thing all the time? I don’t know how to get more variety? Any suggestions????

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    H Dana…
    No i dont write what i eat.. i keep track in my head how much protein i have every day.. there is always a number in my head.. noone knows that though… the number in my head now is 21 thats how much i have had so far.. for the passed month or two… i have felt very tired.. and have struggled… the past 2 days i felt very foggy.. slight headache all day yesterday… I applied for disability.. against my will.. I did not want to go on it.. bust since i lost my job… again.. for the 14th time since i was 18… my wife wanted me to go on it.. for stability financial in our family.. thast what did it for me.. and my last job wanted me on it.. they are the ones that got rid of me becasue of.. “My Health Issues” and i talked to Boston.. and they kinda leaned towards it.. but i could tell they didnt really want to see me on Disability.. the bottom line was i did it for my family… i was very discouraged after i went on it.. until i taled to my sister.. I am A DJ too Part time.. for myseld.. and i can do very nice web sites.. my sister told me .. Use these 2,3 or 4 yrs take time and goto work for yourself.. so thats my plan.. I am going into work for myself.. DJ and Web Site Designer… and i excel at both of those … yes i do tend to eat the same things all the time.. im sick of salads.. i do like them jsut sick of them… i will talk to you more about variety later..

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