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May 2, 2010 in Uncategorized

A collection of random thoughts on food. Salads are such a staple of the PKU diet. Those of us who are older probably remember the days when going out to eat meant we were eating salad or fries. (Well, it still means that sometimes). Salad usually meant a wedge of iceburg lettuce, tomato, and cucumber in dressing. Now there is such a variety of ethnic & vegan friendly's great to see how much things have changed over the years. I thought I would share my favorite salad as of late. I use romaine lettuce, a handful of dried cranberries & golden raisins, avocado slices, an apple or pear, about 10-15 plantain chips for salty/crunchiness & a fruity vinagrette. It's pretty good! (Measure the avocado, they are higher in protein). As some of you know, I'm one class from completing grad school with a six month break until my next one. I'm also hoping to close on a condo soon with a full size kitchen! I live in an apartment with a tiny kitchen & very little counter space. I'm planning to spend lots of time cooking! I'm on a mission to find a good low protein biscuits & gravy recipe. I want to try the biscuits on the Cook for Love website & find a gravy recipe that will be tasty & simple. Let me know if any of you have one. I think there are a few recipes in the Apples to Zucchini cookbook I need to try. I admire all you parents who work so hard to make low protein meals for your kids! I never realized what a challenge it was to come up with something that will satisfy everyone until fairly recently. My boyfriend is wonderfully supportive but a very picky eater. It's all American food for him--plain veggies (when he does eat them), lots of red meat, etc, etc. He doesn't really like ethnic foods or anything with much spice. As you might guess, I do because it adds variety to my diet. I'm working on finding ways to cook simply & make both of us happy. It hasn't always been the healthiest. (Hopefully that will change). Some meals I make frequently: pancakes--regular & low protein versions with eggs & meat for him, a cranberry chicken recipe that makes a great sauce over rice & roasted veggies, a crock pot pot roast w/tons of veggies for me in the the bottom, spaghetti, taco salad with chili seasoned low pro bread as my meat, roasted portobello (from the Cook for Love website) for me & grilled steak for him, meatloaf for him with baked potato & veggie sides, burgers (i use trader joe's veggie masala burgers for my version), grilled cheese--low protein bread & cheese for mine, fruit salads, and regular salads w/chicken added for him. I thought I would share because I know all of us are always looking for more ideas for food variety. I'm open to suggestions too! Last but not least, I'm loving Trader Joe's Thai red and yellow curry sauces right now. They are fairly low in protein & make a really quick & easy dinner. I usually add some basil & peppers (Trader Joe's has frozen versions of both that can be thrown in to the sauce really quickly). It takes about 5 minutes to heat. It's great over low protein spaghetti type pasta!

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    I’ve not tried the seasoned bread crumbs for meat substitute for a taco salad. I usually do fajitas and if I do “meat” I will shread up some chayote squash and season it. I had never heard of it until I went to a taste connections cooking workshop. It kind of looks like meat and tastes good if you’re not necessarily wanting it to taste like meat or have the same texture (I’d imagine, but have never tasted meat to compare it). When I do burgers, my family has always done the broccoli burger recipe from the Low Protein Cookery for PKU (the cookbook with the big red strawberry–that’s more what people recognize!). Over the years, my dad has adapted it to include pretty much any veggie that’s laying around…broccoli, carrots, onion, zucchini…

    Thanks for the ideas, Sarah. Hope you get some good cooking done. I know that it’s hard to get the time and sometimes motivation to get going in the kitchen for me, but always rewarding in the sense of accomplishment, creativity, and the reward of the good food. ;)

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    Kristi- Malathy introduced em to Chayote squash too! I like it for the chili/mexican/spicy dishes… it absorbs the flavor really well! The big red strawberry! I love it! I will have to get that out, I usually use the A to Z (it is AWESOME!) I dreamed of writing a cook book just like that one day but Ginny beat me to it, haha… but she did a phenomenal job! Awesome you are going to have more time, Sarah. I have to say food/cooking is my hobby so it takes a lot to take away motivation to cook but now that I am working full time I am feeling the laziness a couple times a week. So cooking in bigger batches and having some go to easy things from companies like CamBrooke has helped me have options when those moods hit. : ) Keep them coming, I am gonna post a mock chicken salad used with Eggplant instead recipe soon. I use Eggplant wherever I use chicken when I make chicken for my boyfriend. Can’t wait to hear more!

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