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December 10, 2009 in Uncategorized

Ok so today I started back on my formula…and I really hate the way it tastes I always have! When I was little I remember my Dad trying everything to make it taste better he would add every type of drink to it just to see if it would taste better for me. The only thing that worked when I was little was adding peppermints in the drink it would make it taste just like peppermints and not that nasty taste. Has any one else found any tricks to make it taste better? I already feel better today drinking the formula I am going to try and keep on it everyday. I find that if I just get up in the morning and drink it first thing I always finish it but if I leave it to drink through out the day I put it off and get busy with work or riding horse then just seem to forget about it. When do you guys drink it? Thanks Steph65 alt

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    Chicago, Illinois

    I HAVE to drink my formula several times a day or I have no energy. Thankfully, I don’t mind it all & usually drink MORE than I need too all the time. I’ve been using the same formula since I was 12, so at this point I feel really weird if I don’t drink it & actually like it. What do you take? There are lots of different kinds of formula. Try some of the different ones. Adding more water than you think you need might make it less strong & then you can add other things to it.

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    When I was younger I was suppose to take 4 scoops of Phenylade (40 g protein equivalent). When I had to drink that much formula I always split it up throughout the day: one scoop in the morning, one when I got home from school, and two scoops before bed. I was always told it is better to drink the formula throughout the day. Our bodies cannot absorb all the nutrients at once, so if we drink our formula all at once the majority of the nutrients go to waste. Now that I am on Kuvan I am able to eat more natural protein, and I only need about 25-30 g protein equivalent. I either drink one PKU cooler in the morning and one at night, or I do 3 scoops of Phenylade and I drink it throughout the day. When I was younger I also had trouble drinking my formula. When I visited my grandma she used to put Hershey’s/Nisquik strawberry syrup in my formula. Adding more water sometimes makes the taste not as strong. Some girls that I go to camp with put Kool Aid into their formula. Can I ask what formula you drink?

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    I just started drinking Camino Pro from Cambrooke Foods, it is usually covered by insurance, they will help with that. They have two different flavors, I drink fruit punch. It is a small quantity 15g of protein per 5 oz. It isn’t totally disgusting and you can chug it down real quick. I take it three times a day throughout the day. I do agree that you need to take it over the course of the day, your body cannot absorb it and you are just wasting your formula (and money). Cambrooke will send you a sample package, you just need to call them and they will set that up for you. Good luck.

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    I mix my granddaughters formula with kool-aide, it seems to go down a little better, and i switch up flavors…. 

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