Friday Dec.16

Friday Dec.16

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Friday Dec.16

December 16, 2016 in Living with PKU

I have never blogged before. I wanted to start a blog about one of the most influential aspects of my life. PKU. PKU is something I have struggled to keep control over for all of my life. When I am in control and on diet my life is a lot less stressful. My moods are more positive, my attitude and responses to others are less emotional and more rational. I am less angry and I think clearer. However when I am off diet, I am short tempered, emotional, more inclined to snap at someone, and generally less happy as a person. I am saying this to give you a baseline for my life. I struggle daily with keeping to my PKU diet. Now, I don't eat meat, dairy, nuts, or any other high protein foods. My BIGGEST STRUGGLE is with carbs. Starches are my adversary. Potatoes, rice, and PASTA. Now a few years ago I switched to jasmine rice which has only 3 grams of protein per serving versus 7 grams on most others. Potatoes are not necessarily bad, just portion control is key. Now pasta is another matter entirely. I am addicted to pasta in any form. Unfortunately for me, pasta is the enemy of my PKU. 7 grams or more per serving. UGH!! I love it so much, I try to eat it everyday. Aproten makes a great pasta substitute, however it costs $36 per box. If I could afford it I would buy stock in it and most of my diet problems would go away. But, never the less, it is still a struggle. I am trying to get on NSB benefits which would enable me a $200 allowance for medical foods per month. Still waiting for approval. Until then my own will power is all I have. I guess I have bored you enough for one day. I will write more tomorrow. I would love to have comments on anything you would like. If you have a topic you want me to write on I would love to hear it. Thanks for reading. Have a blessed day.
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