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October 21, 2012 in Uncategorized

Friends can be hard to handle. They have their days when they are amazing. They also have their days where they aren't so amazing. My friends have left being my friend  because of my PKU.I know that it may be hard for them to understand because it is different and they don't understand it. It just takes time for them to get use to the fact that you are different. I know that when i started all themedication and the diet again it was hard for me because i didnt know what PKU was all i knew was that i had it. But once i started to undeerstand it, it wasn't so weird to me any more. Once i understood it ore i could explain it to my friends so they understood it. Now so far they stand by me through it all through the blood draws, the days i dont feel good because of my medication. Even when i have my off days when i'm not so nice. That's how youknow who your true friendsare they stick with you through anything and everything. So if you have friends that think you are weird sometimes it's ok it is probably because they don't understand your PKU so try explaining it to them so that they understand it. Then if they still stick with you after you explain it to them then you know they are your real friends. So if they seem mean sometimes it is most likely because they don't understand so stick with them wihle they try to understand. That way they know that you are a true friend to them.

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    birmingham, INTERNATIONAL

    I had the same problem, trying to explain to your friends what PKU is when you don’t fully understand it yourself at a young age can be hard…
    But I’m lucky enough to say I have the same friends Ive had since infant school and im 22 now so its been a while lol, my friends have grew up with me and we have in a way learnt together what PKU is, and now we just laugh and joke about it, if im being moody they say its my PKU and I need to take a formula. But I like it makes me feel less different from them if we all can joke about it in that way.
    I understand its a strange way to deal with PKU but its our way! Our sense of humour is a little strange anyways haha!!!!
    But I much prefer it like this then it be a subject that people feel awkward to talk to me about.

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    simpsonville, Kentucky

    I actually went through the torment in school of my friends thinking I made it up. I was so confused and didnt know how to explain. I didnt want to go to school.

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