Frustrated Mother!!!!

Frustrated Mother!!!!

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Frustrated Mother!!!!

January 12, 2010 in Uncategorized

I am so frustrated with my son's clinic right now. His last 2 levels have come back low, which did not worry me near as bad as the high ones, but we have not gotten a new level since we adjusted his diet. We were supposed to get results last Friday, but for some reason the clinic was closed. Then, I got a e-mail yesterday saying that somehow Dylan's filter paper did not get in the batch, so it was not run. They only run the filter papers every Wed, so I mail it in every Monday. I don't know if this is a mail issue or somebody holding it at the lab. Anyway, now, I have to wait until Friday to get his results and they will be 2 weeks old!! I just don't know what to do! I can't stand not knowing how his levels are. His dietician is working with the lab to determine the best way for me to ensure that his filter paper makes it to the lab every Wed. I told them that I would rather drive 2.5 hours to the clinic and hand deliver the paper than have to worry about whether we will get his results each week! Does anyone else have this problem?? Any suggestions??

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    Franklin, Wisconsin

    Oh no! I’m sorry to hear you still have not gotten Dylan’s phe level back yet. I know you were really waiting on that level. Would it help if you did Dylan’s blood test Saturday morning? Then you could get it in the mail on Saturday, and the blood test should be at the lab by Monday or Tuesday at the latest. I know it is frustrating. Especially if it is going to take this long to get the results back you would have been better off not even doing that blood test until this week anyway. We usually do not have this issue at my clinic. There was one phe level that I did about two months ago that got lost in the lab for nearly two weeks, so I know it’s frustrating to deal with.

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    I was having similar problem and I was not getting my levels, but was because my clinic was failing to call me right away and they never let me know what the level was, they waited to loog and it was making me really upset in the beginning, they have gotten better though after I got upset with my dietition. I So my spots on mondays and then bring them to a local hospital and then sent the spot out with there newborn screenings so they are picked up bu ups daily and get to the lab in about 1 day and I usually have the level back on thursday or friday. I am not sure if U have a hospital near you with a mother baby until but if you do both of the local hospitals had no problem sending out my spots for me. If you have a hospital close to you, it is worth it.good luck and just hang in there it really does get easier

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    , Georgia

    Thanks for both of your comments! I have been talking to my dietician to try to figure something out. I got Dylan’s levels back today, and they are 2.4%!!!! That is the best news!

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    Taylor, Michigan

    well ya that is imortant …. maby you should call and ask why it is taking them that long because i know that when i send my blood levels in that i get them back with in to 3-5 day …i hope that everything works out.

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