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General Life type stuffs

February 18, 2010 in Uncategorized

Hey all!! I have moved!!!! I have finally moved into my new flat, and am fully enjoying it, ALOT!! My new flatmate, Rebekah, is very cool, we get on really well, talk lots and watch the same tv programmes! XD I'm in the process of setting up my room just how I like it and am almost finished, got about 3 or 4 boxes left. At the same time as shifting me, my mum (who came over especially), also move my boyfriend Carl, as his flatmate moved out and the flatmate was paying the majority of the rent ($410 place, where Carl was living for $75 power and net inclusive), so it has been extremly busy! Shifting both of us took a good 1 and a 1/2 days, and after setting up my bed mum went back home, leaving me and carl to try and sort out the unpacking. Carl's new room is alot smaller then his old one, and boxes are taking up the majority of the space, therefore he has spent the last couple of nights at mine as boxes are all over his bed. We made a lot of progress shifting furniture and stuff about in his room, but there's still alot to do, my room is much further along and I am settling down nicely. Classes have also started, well the meetings about classes, classes officially start on monday, which I am glad about as I have been getting bored, though after all this shifting, and packing and unpacking and moving queen beds up narrow stairways, I def need that weekends rest. Very glad of my friends help, though the bright idea to have drinks once it all was finished wasn't actually all too bright hehe, it just added to the tiredness. PKU Newsletter info is very slow in coming, though the people I'm communicating with do have alot of other work and stuff to do, they don't have the luxery I have of being able to sit at home most days being lazy XD So far it's all a go ahead, but I am waiting to get in contact with some people to see if they would are indeed setting up a PKU website that I could use to launch the e-newsletter from. I have to write back to them after this, and then head off home to have some lunch XD So I had better end this now huh? How's everyone elses lives going?

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    , Massachusetts

    Hey! Glad to hear you finally moved… how is it going so far? I know this blog was written a little while ago. I am going to be moving in the fall as well, and though I don’t have many issues with my diet here, I am looking forward to a bigger kitchen and more storage space for my foods and formula. How is your roomate doing with the PKU? Is she supportive? Hope it is all going well : ) Keep us updated

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    Hey! It’s being going really good so far. The flatmate is quite happy with the whole PKU thing. She mentioned having a “PKU baking day” cos she likes to bake but she doesn’t normally like eat her baking cos she gains weight easily.
    I’ve been real busy as class has started and have also been trying to work on the whole PKU newsletter thing…I needa find someone who’s good at web design as learning it while doing the newsletter is taking soo long, and it doesn’t quite look how I imagined XD but I’ll keep going with it.
    I also got a kitten! And she’s sooo cute! very energetic and playful. But I’m loving having her :D
    I hope your move goes well, I would love to have a HUGE kitchen someday, and be able to do lots of baking. lol it’s a bit of a dream haha

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