Getting Back On Diet

Getting Back On Diet

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Getting Back On Diet

September 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

Getting back on diet kind of seems like a scary challenge to me. I was on and off diet throughout my later high school years, and completely off by 2009 to now. The older, I getthe more I want to get back on my PKU diet. They say that you feel much better on diet. They even said that what I think feeling like "normal" is, probably isn't that normal. My energy, my concentration level, my social skills, they all could be improved from diet. So I asked myself, "Why am I not doing this??" I didn't have a reason so I wanted to make a change. A change for myself and for the people who care about me. I finally took my first step and ordered formula. I have been looking at low-protien recipes online and will order some low-protien foods in the near future. I'm going to call my dietician this week to let her know I want help getting back on diet. She was great to work with in the past and very helpful. I have faith this time in getting back on diet "for good". If there is anyone who can give me advice of any kind I would really appreciate it. Good formula's to try? (I ordered PhenylAde Essential Chocolate Drink Mix) Good low-protien foods to try? Advice for following the diet when you are always on the go? Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Hi Bubblez,
    I feel that success on the diet is largely a state of mind. Even now after I have been back on the low-Phe diet for sixteen years the thought of, ‘for life’ is too overwhelming, therefore I don’t think like that. Six months would be the furthest into the future that I imagine myself on the diet. I think something big broken into smaller parts or timeframes is more likely to be achievable.

    In your post people say that – “what I think feeling like “normal” is, probably isn’t that normal”. I totally agree, some of the effects of protein happen over time therefore changes in energy, concentration etc can seem less pronounced. I have a relatively good tolerance to Phenylalanine and this is how it was for me, I was not doing that well academically or socially, however it was all I knew, my baseline if you like. I still vividly remember the change when I first went on the diet, probably not the best analogy but it was like the difference between having a hangover and not having a hangover.

    This is my opinion and I realise everyone is different but I know the significance in the decision you are making so I hope that what I have said helps you.
    Good luck with whatever you decide.

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    Hey! so I know you blogged this a while ago. I hope you are continuing to do well. I just wanted to say I am classical PKU as well and controlled as a child but then as I became an adult went off of the diet. I am now on with Phenylaide orange but soon switching to strawberry and experiencing some of the same symptoms you speak about. it is a matter of choice but it is also a hard determination for me to make routine. mostly because I have NEVER liked ANY formula. I gag down what I need to because I need it not because I like it. Im sure there are more people like that around. However, being on diet i am more socially pleasant and I can quicker process thoughts. Also my mom discovered that when my phe levels are high I use less facial expression than when they are low…. just interesting tidbit. I hope the best for you on your journey back to health and know that their are so many of us deciding to do just that right now as well. you are not alone!
    p.s. did you ever notice there are a ton more females on here than males…. I wonder if genetically speaking PKU likes the female gender better not to say males dont get it. I know lots of males who have it It just seems females are the ones on here right?

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