Google Android Based Mobile Phone Application

Google Android Based Mobile Phone Application

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Google Android Based Mobile Phone Application


December 22, 2009 in Uncategorized

Hello everyone, I just want to let you know that I developed an Android based mobile phone application called PKUDietBook which has been released last week. It was originally developed for myself to manage my 3-year old son, Vincent's diet for his PKU disorder. The application runs on Google Android based cell phones, yes, including the much seen on TV Droid from Motorola/Verizon. It does two things, searching for low protein food phe/protein/calorie facts, as well as managing daily diet records. You can find more information about the app at if you are interested. The blog site at lists all the mobile phones that are currently supported and some screenshot of the application. The mobile application comes with a companion web site from where low protein foods phe fact is sourced and to which daily diet records can be uploaded and shared with dietitians. They are both free to use. The application kit fills my immidiate needs but I am looking to improve the application to help the PKU community better cope with our life that is connected to PKU discorder one way or another. If you are interested in using it, feel free to email me at so i can help you to get started.

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  1. Registered: Apr 24, 2009

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    Cornwall, New York

    Thanks for sharing! Unfortunately, I have a blackberry which is not compatible for this app, right?

  2. Registered: Sep 12, 2006

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    Franklin, Wisconsin

    Same here. I do not think my LG Shine is compatible for this app. Then again I have dropped my phone so many times I think it’s about time I get a new one haha ;).

  3. Registered: Dec 22, 2009

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    novi, Michigan

    this application is only compatible with google android based application. all current models are listed here
    the cheapest one right now is probably Verizon Eris by HTC, which I heard you can get for free with new 2-year service.

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