Growing Up

Growing Up

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Growing Up

May 30, 2012 in Uncategorized

It is so hard to believe that I am almost done with high school. Time is flying by and I will start my senior year in the fall! Crazzyyy!!! Junior year had its ups and downs. Diet wise, I probably didn't follow it as well as I should have during first semester and my grades definitely reflected that. But second semester I got my act together and finished strong! Also this past year, I had the privlage of sharing about my PKU numerous times! I did 2 projects on it and presented them to my class, which I aced both of them. ;) In addition to the projects, I met soooooo many new people, and they were all very curious about my PKU. There are soo many people with PKU that get tired of telling everyone about the diet and what exactly PKU is, but honestly, I think it is the coolest thing to get to tell others about myself and I consider myself special because I'm different, and because I have a different story than everyone else. Telling others about my PKU is something that I have realized comes with growing up. As I go off to college in a year, I'll be faced with many new people who will all be curious as to why I'm eating something different or drinking a special formula, and I cannot wait to tell them all about my PKU! :) Also with growing up comes the struggle of finding a college that will be accomodating with PKU. Right now I'm looking into colleges that I can have access to kitchens. My top choices are Cedarville University in Cedarville, Ohio and the University of Nebraska-Omaha. With both colleges, I could have the opportunity to have kitchen access in my own dorm. I would perfer that so then I can prepare my own lo-pro foods whenever I want, without having to make special arragements with a chef. I know where ever I end up, they'll be accomodating but I'd prefer having my own kitchen. :P PKU is definitely a gift, not a hassle. I get so frustrated when people look at PKU in such a negative way. We were all given PKU for a reason and we can choose to feel sorry for ourselves, or we can look at the positives and be thankful that we have PKU, because we could have something so much worse. I love my PKU! :) <3
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