Handling Thanksgiving & Holidays

Handling Thanksgiving & Holidays

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Handling Thanksgiving & Holidays

November 17, 2009 in Uncategorized

Thanksgiving is a week away!! (Almost...) I'm really excited for this year. I've been feeling so great being on diet that I really don't want to go over my phe limit & be crabby & moody the rest of the weekend, even though all that food is so tempting. Anyway, early in the day I'm having Thanksgiving with my family. That part is really easy because both my PKU brother & PKU cousin will be there. We'll have plenty of veggies, and lo-pro cornbread, stuffing, pumpkin pie, etc, etc... alt. (I know you're jealous). Later on in the evening I'm having dinner w/my boyfriend's family. I know they will have a TON of food and not much lo protein. I know I can bring my stuff, but that even with all my lo pro foods I'll be near my limit after my first meal. This will also be my first year celebrating with his family, and I don't know them quite well enough to ask about cooking special things or extra veggies for me. Wondering if anyone out there had any thoughts/suggestions/similar situations?

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    Hey! I can’t say that I have experience with a boyfriend’s family, but my Dad’s family has never been very accommodating for me and my sisters. My Mom argued with my aunts for years about having food for us. My Dad’s younger sister has started putting forth some effort to have foods for me and my sisters, but his older sister still wants nothing to do with PKU. Eventually we just decided to start bringing food along. We usually bring a low protein recipe that the whole family can eat like taco salad. This way we at least have something to eat, and if we are still hungry we can eat more later when we get home. If you’re worried about eating high phe food at their house you could try eating before going over to their house. That way you will not be as hungry. Good luck with the holidays, and in the end just try to relax and enjoy being with your family. The holidays are about WHOSE around the table, not WHAT’S on the table.

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    Brea is absolutely right about her last statement… My suggestion too is to bring a couple of dishes along with you… Especially if this is your first holiday with them! People will be appreciative of it too. And – you can always pull the – I am stuffed line haha

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    I agree that who is at the table is more important than what is there, but it’s pretty cool when the company and the food is good! Can you ask your boyfriend what is typically served? (I think most of us have our traditional dishes that are made every year). That way you will know in advance what might be fine for you without having to go into detail with his family about your diet. That would let you know what you might need to bring. How about a nice veggie dish to share, maybe a biscuit to pop in the oven and dessert? The apple cake recipe on the Cook for Love website has been a Thankgiving tradition in our family for so long — I adapted it a few years back and we all love it just as much as the original. (It is also very easy to make and always gets rave reviews). Bringing a dish or two will also automatically make his family love you!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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    Maybe you could get there before she mashes the potatoes, and ask her to pull a few aside, and then mix them with some Rich’s non dairy creamer. I am cooking for my family, and that is the way I am making the potatoes, and they do not taste any different than if you use milk. Maybe you could just explain to them about PKU, and then take some of your own food from your Thanksgiving with your own family. I would find it very hard to believe that they would not understand since it is something you can’t control. Or maybe have your boyfriend explain to them beforehand, and tell him how to have his mom prepare the food so you could eat some of it. Just don’t cheat because I would hate for you to feel yucky afterward. It is just not worth feeling terrible. It is only food!!!!

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