Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year!

January 2, 2012 in Uncategorized

Hey hey! I hope everyone had a great Christmas and a very happy New Year. I know i did. I visited my parents over christmas while my boyfriend went to see his parents and his twin brother who recently got home from 6months(?) in Sweden. My christmas was very nice, perfectly Sunny and warm and wonderful, what more could you want for a New Zealand Xmas? I had a couple days off from work afterwards so I stayed on at my parents and enjoyed myself. Work itself has improved immensely too, it looks like we finally have a Manager and 2nd in chief who will be remaining for a while, and they are also nice, fair and thoughtful. My manager allowed me an extra 2days for a holiday in Taranaki, where both my brother and Bryce's family reside. We are off on that this weekend, and I am already thinking about the foods and stuff I will be taking along to make it easier for Bryce's family to handle my diet. Thankfully formulas are easy to organise as my particular version, Easiphen, comes as a pre-mixed tetrapack (little juicebox type thing), all I have to sort out is how many to take. Anyway, over new year, i finally acted like a proper young person in New Zealand and went out and partied. What started off as quiet drinks and a BBQ soon developed into a good old party, and we all went off to town as a group. I have to say I prefer town as part of a group of more the two or three people. Theres something comforting in knowing these people are watching out for you. Thankfully the only after effects for me was tiredness, no hangover, and I spent the rest of New Years day sleeping and watching TV :) Now on the PKU front things are getting more productive. I have managed to do 5 bloodtests within a 3month period, which is a huge improvement. I am yet to get 2 lots of results back, and this Wednesday I will be doing my 6th :) Bakingwise I have been very much enjoying PKU rice rissotto, made with free veges, and chicken stock, and sometimes when it's affordable wine :) I also make low protien non-pku treats for my brother and his girlfriend as part of theire Xmas gifts and was very satisfied when they gobbled them up with exclamations of delight and I was even asked for the recipe! For myself and my family I also made Coconut Ice as a part of christmas dessert, which also disappeared quickly albeit after the brandysnaps had disappeared first! For my new years resolutions I have a few, here is a list thus far: 1)Do my bloodtests at least once a month, hopefully twice a month for the rest of the year 2)Exercise more (I have gotten very lazy over the summer holiday) 3) Try making some more PKU recipes 4)gain more experience as a photographer and aim to get regular paid work towards end of year 5)Save up money to go on holiday in the South Island of NZ to visit Best Friend Simon 6)Write my wordpress blog at least once a week, even if it's just posting up a cool picture I have taken So far that's it. I would love to know what others resolutions are, PKU or otherwise :) In the meantime it is bedtime for me! Good night all enjoy your day.evening
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