Hard Day.........

Hard Day………

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Hard Day………

February 18, 2010 in Uncategorized

So, yesterday for work I had such a great opportunity I went to a seminar at the Honda center in Anaheim CA. The speakers were amazing Colin Powell, Rudy Giuliani, Michael Phelps and Condoleezza Rice just to name a few. Lunch time hit all my co workers and I head to the food courts and all they have left by the time I get up there is hot dogs, meatball sandwiches, pork sandwiches and churros. I asked if they would be getting any thing else later in the day figured if I have to wait for them to restock I could, they said yes in 30 min. I come back down once still nothing, I come down again nothing at this point it is 2pm and all I have had is my formula and a soda. I finally broke down and got a churro at least I could eat that but was mad that they had nothing I could eat. I was happy that I didn’t break my diet but by the time I got home at 6:30pm needless to say I was starving and so exhausted. I just eat and went to bed going all day with out any real food was hard and very tiring. In the end I stayed on diet which I am happy about but I know for next year that I might have to leave the Honda center and get my own food or bring my own.

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    Cornwall, New York

    It definitely stinks when you are put in those situations as I’ve been there before too… Don’t think of it that you were cheating on your diet… you have been doing a great job and it was either that or NOTHING. You didn’t go for the highest protein food – you went for the food with the least.. walk away from the situation being proud at what you did :)

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    Palmerston North, INTERNATIONAL

    Argh, that type of situation is always so frustrating!!
    As Katie says you weren’t “cheating” on your diet, you had to eat something, you made a concious decision to take the food with the least amount of protien. You can’t help being stuck in that situation, and you did wait to see if any better food came out. Be proud of yourself, and ofcourse learn from it, next time maybe pack a few snacks to help you through if you get stuck in a similar situation? I know it’s annoying but it will help you through the day.
    Aside from that all I have to say is well done! and keep it up :)

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    Those days are the worst! I can relate…planning does help, but I usually assume people will have something & end up stuck too. I’ve had plenty of work events & conferences where all I have is just a soda & grabbing a bag of chips from a vending machine & being cranky about it all day.

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    Agreed. You did the best you could do there! I always find it rude when places never provide any food options for vegetarians. Vegetarianism is becoming more and more popular, which is nice for us since we can usually adapt at least part of a vegetarian meal into something we can eat. Job well done!! I’d make a complaint….I’m kind of outspoken, but I don’t believe we should have to starve just because we are different.

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    Aren’t those tough!? It is so hard when you feel like you plan and set out to make sure everything is taken care of and won’t be an issue and then BAM something sneaks in that you didn’t forsee! I’m sorry, but man do I feel ya!!! Like everyone has said, in those situations it is better to make the decision that is the least undesireable even though if a pku option or lower protein/veggie option had been there that would have been desireable. Still, though you can’t starve! You had your formula which is the top priority and you still need to eat. I’ve gotten so fed up with these situations that I try and keep an extra 2 formulas in my purse with me at all times along with some low protein pretzles, or an apple or apple sauce snack pack just for something else to fill me up. But you did what you could in that situation and thats that! Tomorrow is another day… : ) At least you didn’t say forget it all and headed for the meatballs!!!!

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