Has had a brain wave...

Has had a brain wave…

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Has had a brain wave…

November 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

Hiyaaa! So for those of you that have read my last blog im seriously struggling with my formulas. Its the remembering bit i cant master and by the time i remember i just think ohhh ill start it tomorrow, and of course tomorrow never comes. Its just an excuse for not taking them. So i have decided to set an alarm on my blackberry 3 times a day to remind me its time to take a formula. Yes its a pain but hopefully it becomes my routine and i can remove the alarm from the equation and be able to remember myself. At least if ido it this way to start with i have no excuse not to take my formula it will just be my pure lazyness if i dont Ok, so tomorrow is day one of the formula alarm........ Does seem a little silly but if it works im down to try anythink! Wish my luck! And i will deffo let you all know if it works Paige,x

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    You know it’s not a silly idea at all. I use my phone for the exact same thing. I used to set alarms to take my meds. Now, I use it for everything from appointments to reminding me when my favorite tv show is on. LOL. So, it’s really very tactical for you to do that :) I am beginning my journey of doing my formula too. I just got my first shipment today. It’s nice to have someone to go through this with… We can be a great encouragement to each other!! Keep strong and perservere!! You can do this :)

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    Shona said on May 2, 2016

    Hi paige I was the same as you I was always full of good intentions gonny start raking my coolers would take one then later on id say to myself I need to take another one then things would get in the way and before i knew it that day was gone then another and etc etc then when I was to go n see dietitian I felt bad when the doctor would ask what was happening with my diet and had to say that I would be starting to take them but after id been to the hospital id say right im gonny start them again but I never felt motivated enough to keep takingvthem but since january ive been taking at least two a day but recently ive been taking three ive been to hospital twice this year so far and each time I dont feel bad because I am now taking them and feel a lot better in myself im hoping to go onto the lp gluten free foods but just some of them but do it gradually but now thatvyouve started you should keep up the good work hopefully it gets easier for you

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