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Have some good news

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Have some good news

July 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

I have not been on this site in about 6 to 7 months. But I wanted to give everyone a update on how I am doing. So, I have been off of my diet for well over 20+ years and just in the past month to month and a half I have started drinking my formula. Still not the whole 5 pack a day but I am getting 3 packs a day down. In June 2011 I did a blood test and my level came back as 11.7 with out drinking my formula. I was so shocked I asked the doctor if she was sure that it was right. She said that it was. Then, July 13, 2011 I took my blood test again and it came back to me on July 20, 2011 and it was 7.7, again I was shocked. This might not sound like a big deal to some people but for me it was... And the reason why is because I am still not totally on my diet and eating the things that I should. I still eat cheese, chicken, and maybe a few pieces of steak now and then. But I don't buy anything other than my formula. So, I refuse to say I am on the diet, to me that just sounds wrong. But I do write everything down that I eat no matter what it is and drink and I do try to measure the food out. It is not easy at all to say the least. But the one thing I can tell say is that if I can do it and get my levels down anyone can. I am 36 I went off my diet at the age of 12, and since I have been drinking my formula I have more energy. Before anyone ask no I am not pregnant. But maybe one day I would like to start a family (porbably not until next year or later). I want to be sure that I am in control of my diet first and we will work on the rest. I will try to keep everyone updated.

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    Taylor, Michigan

    have yuo ever tried the veggie meats the stores are caring more for the people tht are not able to eat meat some of the things are nasty and some of it is really good . but the best thing about it you get the nutreuints that you need but you still have to watch the protine . i dont eat any meat at all in my diet but i do eat a little cheese but nothing that will hurt . if you like cheese there is a gluet free cheese that pku patients on the diet can have and it wont hurt you so i just wanted to let you know the few things that i am trying and is not real harmful . I hope this helps because i have been trying to start kuvan but last week i found out that i had kidney stones so i cant start kuvan until the 25 . so i hope that you would consider looking at the diffrent kinds of foods if you just ask your dietaton about some of these things maby it would help you . Peanutbutter is my downfall i love it . now there is a gluent free peanutbutter that i am going to try that has less protine . I think that this will help you so try it like it and let me know how everything goes for ya

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    Erie, Pennsylvania

    I just want to tell you that your very lucky to be able to eat that….i have been on my diet my whole life and still have problems with my levels….i eat no cheese or meat even gluten free…although i do eat other gluten free products such as their rice or tapioca breads and such….It wasnt until i started to take Kuvan that my levels were low. Which was a Godsend because it enabled me to keep my levels down low enough to have my daughter. And i completely understand the feeling you had when you heard your levels! there is nothing quite like it….its happened to me on occasion but congrats and keep up the good work.  

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