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Hi, my name is andrea and im 13 teen years old and i have had pku for 13 years i think not sure anyways my parents devores when i was 3 years old and now i life with my mom i see my dad every week end it sucks having to go back and forth and my dad lifes far from my moms house but i really miss him. Now my mom is married to a deffrent guy but if any body that has parents devores and just got it i no how that feels but i love im life i have a lot of friends and i kind of hate middle school to much drama.Anyways if u have any comments on this just comment on the bottom thank u. yes i do have pku i was dianoste with it when i was born and they didnt now what it was so if i was born in octuber i would die and i was a preme and no body could touch me and if they did i would die it was sad but now here i am dealing with pku i kind of like having pku cuz my dad all ways say just be glad that your going to be really healthy when u get older and that always be glad that u did get something else like u wouldnt be able to walk talk run or any of those things so i say this always apersate what u have and i know its hard but but look on the bright side you`ll be more healther than most people.well i gtg see ya ttyl later again belive in your self and try your best ok.

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    Hi Andrea, nice to ‘meet’ you. I’m sorry about your parents :( Where are you from? I think your dad is right about what he says about PKU. I’m 28 and been on diet all my life and I’m so grateful to my parents for being strict with my diet. I’ve met lots of PKUers online who came off diet as a teenager and they have so many problems I don’t have now. Please don’t ever come off diet!

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    ya hes always right and thank you and i guess its not that bad .i really love horses and riding them its really injoying its really fun and i live in victorville california.i forgot one thing im in specle ed class it really sucks im geting good grades but its really easy and i hate it cuz so much drama.

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    sara said on May 18, 2011

    Hi Andrea! Im 30 years old and I also live in Victorville and I have PKU I wanted to write you because I have never met anyone with PKU and honestly didnt even think anyone in Ca had it but when I saw we live in the same exact town I thought that was interesting. Write me if you ever have any questions. P.S stay on the diet & take care :)

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    Hey Andrea, I am also sorry to hear about your parents. I also have PKU and I have a lot of friends that come from broken homes and I see in there lives as well as some of the kids lives that I know how hard it is for them when they feel so torn between mom and dad. You seem to be a great young girl and have a lot going for you. As my dad used to tell me “keep a stiff upper lip” in other words be strong. I think a lot of people with PKU understand that hard things in life can actually make them stronger people. I would add to that you are likely more compationate and loveing because of your circumstances. I hope you have a great day.

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    hesperiaNo Location

    thank you its geting better even tho i mis my dad but i only see him on the weekends and my mom every day expect sat n sun im thinking abt moving to my dads but idk.

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