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October 17, 2012 in Uncategorized

Hey my name is taishawn and i wanted to know what did you guys and girls do when you were tempted to eat foods you were not able to eat can you guys and girls help me out here please

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    well when i’m tempted to eat foods that i’m not able to, i usually try to adapt and change them so that they fit the diet better, i know your still not eating that exact thing but you may find new dishes and foods that you like and are allowed by changing a few things in a recipe or replacing an ingredient.
    hope this helps :D

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    brooklyn, New York

    ok its crazy cause its hard to talk about it with my friends cause they wont understand my situation

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    For me its a matter of knowing that If I eat anything Im not supposed to I get a massive migrain and usually have to deal with some lethargy… I am a single mom of 2 so I think of my kids and the things i know I have to accomplish in the next 48 hours and then decide if it is worth the tiredness… but also I go for 3 months really strict and good on my diet and then I have to let One night usually spent in a dinner party with my best friend be a little looser. still no meat. but bread and some high veggies and once in a blue moon cheese sauce…. being so strict is hard but come up with a self reward system for the time and effort you do well.

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    brooklyn, New York

    I don’t cheat with big things but the only time I do I cheat with a pizza and that pizza is a tease

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