Help if there is any out there?

Help if there is any out there?

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Help if there is any out there?

March 15, 2010 in Uncategorized

Hey everyone, how are you all going? I've been really busy with school stuffs so haven't gotten on very often to talk to people. As some of you may know i have been working on a PKU Newsletter for the NZ PKU population. And to be quite honest it isn't going extremly well at the moment, I am currently attempting to come up with a mock-up of the newsletter to show to the people who will be able to give me a go ahead on actually doing this. However I am having difficulty with this. As this is to be an e-newletter it need to be in a format that everyone is able to open up on their computers, so I am creating it as and HTML file, however I am only just learning to do HTML, and I haven't even looked into CSS as it is taking a while to get HTML down. So to be bluntly honest, it is taking a while to get things done, as school work ofcourse takes priority, I have only just gone through and done a Editors letter, and it's also looking rather primitive. I have gone through tutorials on HTML, but it is still taking a while. What I was wondering is if anyone has experience with HTML or knows someone with HTML experience, could they maybe have some helpful hints on how to do this a bit quicker? I don't really want anyone else creating the Newsletter, as it's my project and I'm determined to do it as much myself as possible, however any help is definately welcomed. Just a quick update on everything else while I'm on here, My new flat was defiantely a good move for me, I have been able to start making lots of PKU bread and eating more food because of the PKU baking and having another person in the house who shares the veges and fruit has been good as I don't have to fuss too much about going to the supermarket every few days to get some fresh mushrooms or a new lot of cauliflour. Also I now have a kitten, a little female tortie who I have named Smudge for the way some of the ginger on her looks to have been smudged into her black fur. She's very cute and loves to ride about on my shoulder. Will be uploading a new display pic showing her doing this :D Hope everything is going well for everyone else too :)

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    Hi there
    I am from Hamilton, and would love to help you if you still need assistance. Let me know if i can be of help.


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    Palmerston North, INTERNATIONAL

    any assistance is appreciated, though thankfully things are running a bit more smoothly now :D all I need to do is find time to do some more of the work
    Do you have perhaps a story you’d like to share about growing up with pku? or what it’s like trying to return to diet to have children?
    Any cool low-protien products at the supermarket you know of? Any wonderful recipes that you absolutely love and want other people to try? Any useful PKU websites you’d like to share, if you know of any?

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