Here in Dallas!

Here in Dallas!

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Here in Dallas!

January 15, 2010 in Uncategorized

Hey Everyone- I am here and Dallas and raring to go for NPKUA's HighHopes! If there is anyone out there who couldn't make it and want me to scope something out for ya, let me know, I would be happy to share my experience with you. I am going to take pictures and post updates and fun things on my blog when I get home next week, so stay tuned. And if you are here in Dallas, come find me : ) I can't wait to meet you all (ya'll- haha trying to get in the mood!) : ) Hunter

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    Ooh let me know everything! I’m so jealous. I wanted to go cause of PKU and cause I have a dear friend in Texas, but I didn’t find out about it in time to save up and go (I’m in Australia). Enjoy and let me know everything! lol

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    Franklin, Wisconsin

    I have been keeping track of how many times I’ve heard someone say ya’ll. I think I’m at twenty-one or something like that LOL.

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    Plano, Texas

    Hey! I don’t think we offically met at the conference…but I was there! :o( what did u think of it???

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    , Massachusetts

    Hey guys— Bannie it was great and I wish you could have been there. I actually was able to meet someone from Australia and she told me about a camp there that I might try and come over to help out at (in Sydney!) Maybe we could meet then? I gathered a bunch of photos and am going to write up some stuff from the conference on my blog later this week. Dr. Koch and Dr. Scriver’s presence (and Virginia Schuett among others) were, for me, some of the best parts of the weekend. To meet these people who I have heard about and whose work has greatly benefited me was super humbling and just awesome. Everyone in this community seems so genuine and good hearted! But as for the subject material on future treatments (and my special interest, nutrition) I will for sure let you know when I get something up on my blog and will send you the link : ) There is going to be another one in 2 years, so start saving now!

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    , Massachusetts

    breanna- haha i think the accent rubbed off on my by the end of the trip, its nice to be back in bawstin where they talk nahmal lol… : ) Great meeting you, wish we had more chance to talk!

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    , Massachusetts

    Lindz- yea that is a bummer that we didn’t get to meet, but I loved it, it was great!! how about you? I loved getting to meet and talk to Dr. Koch and Scriver, and paddy guthrie, too. It really made PKU history a reality and I am so thankful for them. Where are you from? Do you have PKU yourself???

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    Norfolk, Virginia

    Hey Hunter, my name is Kevin, I was curious if you could pass on any information you gathered at the NPKUA’s Highhopes conference. I have PKU and am trying to regain my dietary restrictions after being off diet for MANY years. Anything you can share with me I would love to hear, as well as, I can share my experiences with you as well. Hope to hear from you soon. You can email me at Hope to hear from you soon. Kevin

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    wichita, Kansas

    i am an adult with pku who is trying to get my level low so i can get pregnant. im new to this whole social pku network. if there is anything that may help me please let me know

    thank you

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