hey im new

hey im new

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hey im new

May 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

hi there this is my first time on here and i cant belive i found a site for PKU people this is amazing. let me know if you were as amazed as i am? i live in a small town just outside of toowoomba, Queensland, Australia. i always thought i was alone always but it is nice to see we have a place to share thoughts now. i want to chatch up with anyone i would love to have some one to chat to that knows what im on about haha. ill give you abit of backround information about myself. i lived in brisbane, queensland, Australia spent alot of my time in gangs cause i was always seeking accptence, i never got accpted at school always getting into fights cause i was different primry and high school. i then moved out of home and got into even more trouble with police and bad people. i lived on the streets for a year (dont recomend it ) got taken in by one of my mates that pulled me back into line, well him mum did anyway haha. i started playing ice hockey and was something that kept me out of trouble for a while then i got a long term girlfriend, she was not good for me i got stuck right back were i started with all the drugs, bad people and fighting but i was old enough to go to jail now. i did end up getting into a heap of trouble from the police and my mum biled me out. i then moved out to the small town i live in now i found it amazing that i could have a mature conversation with someone half my age. it was at that time that i now found out why i had been doing all this stupid stuff. i had a chip on my shoulder about me being diferent, it was my own doing, after i left school (i hated school) i had to do thing so that other people would accept me, i though that being accepted would make me "normal" how wrong i was. now i just a guy that has PKU i live in the country with my lovly wife and my 2 sons Nathan and Logan.i could not be happyer fitting in dose not mean selling your soul for acceptence. it is finding people that fit.(quoted by me Jake) My name is Jake and i am PKU and i would love to find people that fit. thanks for reading my blog, my life is an open book, if you would like to talk to me about your children or if they want to chat to me or if you would like to chat for the fun of it please let me know. i would love to make as many friends on here as possible. thanks jake
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