Hi I'm Margaret....Emotional Eater.

Hi I’m Margaret….Emotional Eater.

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Hi I’m Margaret….Emotional Eater.

August 28, 2013 in Uncategorized

Discouraged. The one word which sums up my entire life at this current moment. Not only am I completely f**king up my diet, I get "the lecture" every gosh darn day. I am a girl though, and when girls are upset they cry, eat chocolate and move the heck on with their lives. As soon as all the chocolate was gone I just kept going. I wasted 2 years of my life on a boy. Who am I kidding. I loved this boy,and now I am here ruined diet and 5 pounds heavier...shout out to the failures out there.   Love, Margaret

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    Attica, Michigan

    I understand how hard this diet can be to stay on track and to keep levels as low as possible. But the one thing you have that others may not have including myself is parental involvement. It is so much harder when there isn’t anyone else except yourself making sure that your health is being taken care of. You have to stick to the diet. Its very important. Not only for your physical health but your emotional health as well. When levels are high they effect moods which then effects relationships. Please, allow your dad to be strict with you and your diet. He cares about you and wants whats best for you. The PKU community cares about you too.

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    , Utah

    I know with what you’re dealing with, I spent 3 years with a man I gave my life to. I loved him more then anything! Then just a couple months ago he kicked me out of our home, and his life. I was already off my diet compleatly. The break up actually made it to where I didn’t eat anything for 3 weeks. All I did was cry and hate everything. But I’m almost 100% back on my diet after 2 years of being off of it. I’m thinking clearly happier and I look healthy. No guy is worth goin off your diet. In a way your letting him win. Don’t let it happen. Make yourself into a better person from all this hurt an anger. You’ll feel better about yourself, also with doing all this for your self you are bettering yourself for your next love. Email me if you need to talk. :)

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    Sandpoint, Idaho

    Sh!t happens. The cool thing is you can always start over and try again. Good luck.

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