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September 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

Hobbies?!? So the topic today is hobbies. I'm not sure I have anything I do regularly enough to be called a "hobby." I guess then, we should start with defining the term hobby. Let's say, for the sake of my writing today, a hobby is a regular activity or interest that is undertaken for pleasure, typically done during one's leisure time. "Leisure time" - HA! That's something you'd tend to think I find myself with having an abundence of since losing my job last November. Then again, I suppose all things ALWAYS revert back to square one, PKU. My PKU tends to cloud my ability to really truely keep motivation and focus to enjoy things that I KNOW I remember that I like to do. Like take writing, for instance, like my PKU writing to me is a passion, but because of my PKU my passion for writing tends to fizzle. My PKU looms in the shadows of my mind creating a dense london fog like hze of writers' block. When I sit down to write things come out jumbled and garbled, sometimes. Sometimes, though the thoughts flow like the Mighty Mo. Naturally, it's a given, these good and bad spells coinside with the peaks and plummets of my PHE levels. So, alas, and sigh, yet again my hope and prayer is to get my diet and health back on track so the words will keep spilling out of me and hopefully make sense to someone other than myself. Who knows, maybe my mad ramblings may even help some one else out there. Don't get me wrong. I don't want everyone to think that my PKU is the focal point and catalyst for EVERYTHING I do in my life, because while it drives me to the brink of madness and inspires me all at the sametime I do have a life outside of my PKU cage. For example, my family and I LOVE to travel, we're a nomadic breed really. While my recent activties with spreading PKU support and awareness have given me opportunities for travel of late, it is NOT my only reason I travel, its just an added bonus to the fun. I seek the adventure and to see God's creations. I travel by bus, by car, and sometimes by motorcycle; mostly because I've never been in a plane or train....yet, but we like to see what is out there and experience new surroundings. When traveling by open road you get to take it all in, you see things one misses when traveling at jet speed in the clouds-it's not the destination it's the journey to getting there. My family and I have had some of our greatest moments traveling the US. Alas, again, my travels have not yet taken me beyond the boarders of the US, but someday they will, mark my words. The next thing I make time for anytime is spending time with my friends to have fun and share our lives. Like, this blog entry was inspired by my friend , Sarah. I asked what should I write about and she was the first to respond via facebook, thanks Sarah. Then there's Kris, our lives seems forever intertwined, we are each other's "go-to person", she's my wingman as it were. She has been there through think and thin --more thick than thin it seems, haha. She intorduced me to my husband and I'm "Mommy Angie" to her kids. Time with your friends may not seem like a hobby, but it is an activity I seek to do regualrly. They keep me on my toes. When my PKU has me down they just keep going and going, so I either have to suck it up and keep up or get left in the dust. Friend advetures though are a blog for another day however. When I think of hobbies these are truely the three most important or time devoted things that come to mind. Sure, there are others like; reading (I enjoy a good book from time to time), Playing my flute (yes I still play, but not as much as I would like), going to the movies (everyone likes a movie now and then), and so many more. I fear I haven't enough space, nor do you really want to read about all of them, so I will leave it a the three. "Fall seven times, stand up eight." Japanese proverb
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