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How it’s Going


November 3, 2012 in Uncategorized

It has been a long time and to be honest so much has happened from my diet, to my school work, to college stuff, and to family stuff. So much has changed as well in my life. First off I have been accepted to Columbia College Chicago, Eastern Illinois University, Aurora University, and Monmouth College. My top two have been narrowed down to Columbia College Chicago and Eastern Illinois University. Right now I am looking into scholarships and grants. I would study Fiction Writing and minor in Marketing Communications if I went to Columbia (which seems to be the one I'll go with) and if Eastern I would major in Communications and minor in Marketing. They both are just amazing and seem like they will be beneficial to my career. I just am so excited for college because of all the incredible opportunities I'll have. I am still enjoying my last year in high school with all my friends, teachers, and clubs. I am still the News Editor of my school paper and that is going tremendous because every time I go to class I am just full of life and excitement. I write articles weekly and just recently had one published in a local newspaper. I am now part of my school's film society and I am wishing I had joined long ago because it's awesome. My grades are the best they've ever been and I plan on keeping them on track. As far as my diet goes I have been very busy to let that be a problem. I make my own dinner mainly veggies and (medically provided) Mac and Cheese. I have been thinking about being on my own since the start of senior year. I mean I have decided that, since the two colleges I have been accepted to and want to go to have housing and dorms, I would move away to college. I have just been thinking about taking care of myself with everything from cooking my own food to paying my own car insurance (when I get my own car). But I've gotten used to the idea that I would be on my own and doing everything myself. To many people that could be a big reality check and (not that it may not be to me) but I have been preparing myself for that time when I thank my parents for providing for me and now start become independent. I know that will be the day when anyone's mom starts crying but even though I know she will she has made it clear that she will also be very happy for me too. But it will happen and I am so greatful for her and my dad for all they have done for me since I first came to live with them. I would have not turned out how I am today if it wasn't for my only two heros I ever known; my parents. But enough of that, first thing's first; finish high school.

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  1. Registered: Apr 14, 2010

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    brooklyn, New York

    hey man im trying to go to college now and you know its really hard too cause of how NY has their high school systems set up

  2. Registered: Jul 29, 2010

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    Plainfield, Illinois

    Well I live in IL so I don’t know how it is in NY.

  3. Registered: Dec 30, 2010

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    Ventura, California

    So being an athlete is it hard for you to gain weight, stay on your diet and maintain a low phe level.?

  4. Registered: Jul 29, 2010

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    Plainfield, Illinois

    not that much. It was a little at first but I adjusted and all I needed to do is eat more of what I have. I won’t be any Brian Urlacher but I still am capable of gaining more weight while still maintaining my diet and keeping low phe level. Right now I am 5’10 160 pounds and I know if I were still in sports I could definitely gain more.

  5. Registered: Jul 29, 2010

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    Plainfield, Illinois

    PKU won’t prevent anyone from joining sports. It definitely didn’t stop me

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