I am devastated and want some information whether good or bad please

I am devastated and want some information whether good or bad please

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I am devastated and want some information whether good or bad please

May 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

Today our daughter told us she was pregnant. The fear in her is as much as us. She is approx. 5-6 weeks along. She went off diet when she was approx. 14. Always kinda kept that vegetarian diet eating. Never really fond of meat. Can any one tell me that has had a surprise pregnancy, how things came out, what to look for, what she can do ect.? She has contacted dietitian, Dr., gotten OB and all info sent here to her so she can follow her very closly. Since about a week or so ago she has went from eating kinda the norm to eating very very strict PKU diet. Were waiting to get some PKU formula in as dietitan said she needs to get started on that. It is a powder you mix up and drink. No flavor i guess or we might also have to use some pills called phlexy-10 tablets till powder comes in. They have done her blood to see what her level is. If her level is high does this mean insitant retardation for baby, what are her chances of having a healthy baby. Please some one help me find some peace in all of this to help her also. Her baby daddy is right by her side and she has family that is right by her also. She has taken every step to get a hold of Dr's, dietician, eating good ect. But have no clue what her level is and if high what can we expect.............

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    Hope, British Columbia

    I’ve always been told by the dietitians that surprise pregnancies can be perfectly fine, after all it has been done more than a few times, they do want to get on it right away when it is found out though so nothing does happen, it seems like its more ideal to have everything planned because there’s no ‘what ifs’. I would just support her as much as she needs and keep in close contact with dietitians and doctors.
    Sorry I couldn’t be of more use and good luck

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    Chicago, Illinois

    Hi, it sounds like your daughter will be ok. Since she is going back on diet, her chances of having a healthy baby are pretty good. Recent information I have heard is that women have up to 10 weeks to “get it together” and still have a normal baby. Also, the sooner and longer she is on diet, the less the potential risks. Good luck!

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    oak hills, California

    sara said on May 18, 2011

    Hi… I just read this blog. I found out I was pregnant Unexpectedly also (back in 2003) so I can imagine how you all feel! I was on the diet (Milupa) my whole childhood and throughout my teen years I ate horribly (never meat), but never like a Vegetarian. The day I found out I was pregnant til the day I gave birth I drank the Milupa 3 (for pregnant women) FAITHFULLY everyday. I saw my regular OB and also once a month my specialist. I gave birth to a perfectly healthy babyboy… during the end of my pregnancy I was seeing the specialist once a week to watch the baby and make sure everything was normal. Don’t worry just make sure your daughter is on the diet throughout the pregnancy it’s better to be safe! I wish you all luck and don’t be shy to chat with me if you wanna know anything since I have been through what you guys are about to experience. Take care :)

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    Mina, South Dakota

    Small update………….daughter doing good. Is now on formula with the sincere help of some others we don’t even know. Is taking time to get formula packets for her to drink. We got formula from two couples that had some from their son’s being PKU. We see her PKU specialist in SF the 31st and Ultra sound here with her ob. Pray things are all going good for her and baby………..Her initial 1st PKU they done came back at 20 so they were pleased with that. but she never did take a liking to meats and always has ate like a vegetarian. Any input ever place it……..

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    Mina, South Dakota

    If there is any PKU women and pregnant please become friends with me so I can stay on top of all things. our 23 year old daughter is PKU and just found out she is pregnant…..

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    Sittingbourne, INTERNATIONAL

    I have accepted ur friend request! Please feel free 2message me any time x x

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    sheridan, Indiana

    Hi, I’m katrina and I’m 39 and I have PKU and I’ve been thru 2 pregnancies dealing with my pku. Both of my kids are healthy and don’t have pku. My pregnancies were not planned and I wasn’t on diet either before getting pregnant. The faster she can get her levels down the better off things will be for the baby. The phlexy 10 is good I was taking the powder form thru both of my pregnancies. She’s 5-6 weeks into it but I’m not a doctor but I have dealt with this myself. The levelshave to come down fast but you said she doesn’t care for meat. That’s agood thing maybe her levels won’t be as high as what your fearing. I know where you and her are my mom was terrified for me not being on diet either at the time and I deifintely know how she feels. Listen what I know and believe is that that baby still has a chance and that’s what you have to believe. I asked God to give me strength thru it all the not knowing and I realized this isn’t something you have very little control over. I had to place my unborn babies life in God’s hands. I promissed to do what best I could for my baby and everything I had no control over I had to lean on him for the rest. I asked him to give me peace instead of fearthe whole time I was pregnant. And he did. In fact my mom and my sister were more afraid than I ever was. Breathe ,pray,believe God still performs miracles. My 2 kids are proof of that. I’m here if you or her wants to reach out for support or understanding. They’ll do an ultrasound when they think is a good time. I had one almost ever month while I was pregnant. And probably do an echocardiogram which is an ultrasound of the babies heart some time in the future. Chin up I’ll pray for you and your daughter and the baby.

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