i got braces

i got braces

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i got braces


December 29, 2010 in Uncategorized

i just got my braces today. it didnt hurt putting them on at all. but now i need to watch what i eat even more. i cant have candy, or hard food. i tried eating my sandwich and it hurt too much so i didnt even take one more bite. i feel so bad for anyone who has braces with pku. like pku didnt take away enough food from me. now for 18 month(i hope) i need to eat nothing but soup, some veggies like mash potatoes, peas, and corn, and anything soft like strawberries. luckily i will just need them on for 18 months and ill have them off by my senior year. so my enitre junior year of high school i will have braces. luckily my senior pictures wont be with my braces. but it hurts to bite down hard and the worst part is most of my new foods are hard. well its been a while since i done a blog because i had a lot to do for school. so i got my braces today and this next year will be a long year for me with braces.
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